The Jackson Laboratory media and museum collection: Other material objects


Type of object Specific object Location
Clothing Schementi Lab T-Shirt, made by Becky Bergstrom, 1999 (including designs for other years) Oversize Box 5
Dolls Katchina carving, n.d. (unprocessed) Display cabinet
Mouse boxes Collection of mouse boxes used over the years, incomplete series M. Park
Printed material Edward A. Kennard. Field Mouse Goes to War  Palmer Lake, CO: The Filter Press, 1977. (Tusan Homichi Tuwvota. Hopi text originally published by U.S. Bureau of Indian Affairs in 1944. Illustrated by Fred Kabotie.) Box 41.5
Scrapbooks 1. Dickie, Margaret; 1942-50  Oversize box 1
2. Dickie, Margaret; 1942-50                                                                       Oversize box 2