The Jackson Laboratory Archives

Collection policy

The Jackson Laboratory Archives collect records, manuscripts, correspondence, memoranda, notes, photographs, film and artwork which reflect on the mission of the laboratory and have enduring value; including the work of staff, students, scholars, and other individuals and organizations associated with The Jackson Laboratory. The collection consists of three parts:

  • The Jackson Laboratory Archive Collection consists of official documents from within the departments of the laboratory: annual reports, proceedings, committee reports and memoranda, building plans and blueprints, scientific studies and papers, and public information.
  • The Jackson Laboratory Personal Papers Collection contains all those materials produced and attributable to individuals associated with The Jackson Laboratory, including correspondence and personal memorabilia.
  • The Jackson Laboratory Media and Museum Collection consists chiefly of photographs, but also includes non-paper materials such as film, artwork, scientific equipment and other material objects.

The archivist will assist with a Deed of Gift and non-monetary appraisal of materials. There is no authorization to purchase material.

Use policy

The Jackson Laboratory Archives are open for use to members of the laboratory community as well as to outside researchers. In general, all materials will remain in the library, with the exception of photographs and display material used within other areas of the laboratory. There may be restrictions on some personal material. Reasonable charges are made for photocopying and duplication services. Advance notice for use of the collection materials is requested from non-employees of The Jackson Laboratory.