Arthur Mosher Cloudman (1901-1952) Collection

Title: Arthur M. Cloudman Collection

Origin or Donor: Found in Financial Services vault, 5/31/2000.

Inclusive Dates: 1929 to 1947.

Size & Location: 12 ledgers (one is a spiral notebook) in Morrell Park, Box 26.1, & V.

Accession Number: 00.005.Cloudman


Biographical Note or History: Born 1901 in Portland, Maine. B.S. & M.S. from University of Maine, Ph.D. from U. of Michigan in 1931. Pathologist, Original staff of Roscoe B. Jackson Memorial Laboratory. Moved to Argonne National Laboratory in 1947.

Scope and Content: The collection consists of research ledgers, three reprints, and a doctoral thesis. Who’s Who biography and three published papers are in the vertical file of TJL archives. There are 21 images of Cloudman in the Photograph Collection. (The list is in the vertical file.)  An oil portrait of Dr. Cloudman, donated by Mrs. Dorothy Cloudman Warriner, is located at HighSeas.


I. Ledgers.

Tumors, C2608-C4129, 7/28/43---4/12/46

Leaden (L), Line-B, 10/6/35---10/8/47

A, #1201, 2/28/46---9/9/47

Va, #1-1300, Spotted Stock "tricolor marble",11/23/41---8/15/45

Va, #1301, 5/27/45---4/8/47

[untitled], with diagrams on a paper towel, a drawing of eight mice (W.V.P. size chart),

A, 1/8/38---2/16/38; W.V.P., 12/16/37---2/18/47; “High Tumor C3H from G.W.W. Bact and Bact hybrids7/26/41---10/9/44

Ledger Numbers Cl1 – 13899, Jan.3, 1929---Oct. 6, 1931

                        Stocks: A=albino from Strong=alb

                                    D=dilute brown from Strong=dBr

                                    MD=dilute brown from Murray=dBr

                                    N=pink-eyed dilute brown piebald=pdBrpb

Ledger No. Cl-13901, October 1931---  , with loose papers

C57Brown, 9/1/33---9/6/47

CVG, Ledger from JMM to CVG, 8/30/34---10/30/35

Leaden Stock from J.M.M. to A.M.C., August 1934---4/24/35

Leaden (Lc), line-C, E stock (extra-toed Leadens) M stock (continued from IX),


II. Other Materials - Reprints:

1. “The mammary gland developoment in male mice at 9 weeks of age.” Flavia L. Richardson and A.M.C.Anatomy Record, v.97, February 1947.

2. “Organophilic tendencies of Two transplantable Tumors of the Mouse” A.M.C., Cancer research, v.9, September 1947.

3. “Tumor Immunity in Mice, Induced with Lyophilized Tissue, as Influenced by Tumor Strain, Host Strain, Source of Tissue, and dosage” G.D. Snell, A.M.C., Elizabeth Woodworth, cancer research, v.8, September 1948.


III. Other Materials:

1. Thesis, 1935. Box 26.1