EARL L. GREEN (1913-1995) PAPERS

Title: Earl L. Green Papers

Originator / Donor: Earl Leroy Green (1913-1995), Geraldine Margaret Creighton Green (1914-1995), and The Jackson Laboratory.

Dates: 1956-1995 (except for the reprint collection)

Arrangement: The collection is incomplete and continually in process of acquisition, therefore the arrangement is not chronological. The organized papers (30 box cartons) left by Earl Green and his wife, Margaret Creighton Green (1914-1995), are in the Special Collections of the Fogler Library at the University of Maine, Orono.  A copy of the UMO finding aid is available.

Accession Number and Location: 97.001 (etc.)                                                                 Box & Folder

            RG1.2   Office of the Director                        

                        .1 Correspondence & Personal Papers (see Notes)                           23.5

                        .2 Memoranda to trustees; 1972, 1975.                                        39.13

                        .3 Notebook on Matrix Algebra, 1980.                                                    15.9

                        .4 Tax Case (1993 notes), 1962-65.                                                 14.2

                        .5 Notebook; Statistics, 1971                                                             15.4     

                        .6 Monthly Summaries to Trustees; incomplete, 1963-1975

                                    .1 1963, 1969                                                                             39.6

                                    .2 1970-72                                                                                 41.19-41.21

                                    .3 1973-75                                                                                 39.7-39.9

                                    .4 NEWS memoranda to Trustees, 1960-61.                                39.6

                        .7 Manual of Policies and Procedures, 1965.                                        40.1-41.3

                        .10 Essays, 1978-94.                                                                                23.3

                        .11 Reprint Collection, 1908-1968.                                                        47a, 47b, 47c

                        .12 Donald R. Charles thesis, 1936.                                                    41.10

                        .13 Correspondence, memoranda, reprints, 1963-74.                                23.4

            RG6.4 Department Records: Library

                        .13 Correspondence with Earl Green (& LAVFW)                               22.9

            Media and Museum Collection:

                        50th Anniversary audio tapes, interviews with Jean Holstein,

                         #1 and #2, 1978.                                                                            Media Room

            Memoirs of a Mouse Breeder, Volumes 1-5, autobiography, 1994.                Secure File

                        [A reader’s copy is located in the library storage room.]

            Autobiographical sketches of E.L. &  M.C. Green                                       V

            Photographs: Four albums (600 images)                                                 Archives Rm.

            Box (carton): Found in Highseas attic, July 1999: Papers of the American             Morrell Park

                        Society of Naturalists: Records, brochures, papers, 1952-62.

            Scrapbook made by Alan Russell for ELG retirement ceremony, 1975.                Media Room


* Personal Papers Collection: Margaret Creighton Green (1914-95)                      

                        Professional papers, reprints, and correspondence, 1965-77.                        36.3, 5.8,                               Gene Variants and Strains of Laboratory Mouse, 1981.                51.2

                        Personal papers, 1931, 1935                                                                 V



            Born on August 7, 1913, at Meadville, Pennsylvania, E. L. Green graduated from Allegheny College in 1935. He attended Brown University for his Sc.M. and Ph.D. in genetics and statistics, and The University of Chicago for a post-doctoral fellowship with Sewall Wright. In 1940 he married Margaret Creighton, Ph.D., a scientist who would become known for her research in mutant genetics and development of the gene linkage map. For two years Green held a teaching position at Ohio State University before becoming Chief of the Department of Statistics at the School of Aviation Medicine at Randolph Field in San Antonio. After World War II he returned to Ohio State as a full professor of zoology, and later worked for the Atomic Energy Commission’s Division of Biology and Medicine, among other things studying the effects of radiation in Nagasaki and Hiroshima. The study of radiation genetics (quantitative genetics) remained his lifetime field. The author of over 59 scientific papers, Green edited the second edition of Biology of the Laboratory Mouse, the standard reference in murine biology.

            In 1956, Green was appointed Director of The Roscoe B. Jackson Memorial Laboratory in Bar Harbor, Maine. He continued his research on the effects of gonadal radiation on hereditary fitness, and served on committees at the National Institute of Health, National Science Foundation, National Bureau of Standards, National Research Council, and the U.S. Atomic Energy Commission. After retiring as director of The Jackson Laboratory in 1975, Green taught statistics and genetics at The College of the Atlantic. In 1981, Macmillan Press published his Genetics and Probability in Animal Breeding Experiments.

            As the second director of The Jackson Laboratory, Earl Green institutionalized a rigorous organizational structure within both the scientific and administrative staffs. His Manual of Policies and Procedures  still regulates many of the Laboratory’s internal functions. He was particularly interested in expanding educational opportunities for students and new scientists; he was an expert in statistical analysis, and long after his retirement continued to be consulted by the staff; he instituted the Animal Health Program along with the expanded mouse production facilities; and his computer science program, established in 1960, foreshadowed today’s enormously significant emphasis on bioinformatics. Not the least of Earl Green’s contributions to the Jackson Laboratory and its staff was his indefatigable organization of social events. From name tags to practical jokes he enjoyed both the process of organizing a party and the event, and felt they were an essential part of the institutional management. He knew all the staff, the employees and their families, and he never forgot a name.

            For a brief biography of G. Margaret Green, Ph.D., see the vertical file.

Scope and Content:

            The collection is extraordinarily incomplete. It has been gathered from other parts of the institution’s collections, and reflects only minimally on Earl Green’s scientific work and administrative accomplishments at The Jackson Laboratory. The collection of essays which he wrote between 1978 and 1994 (Box 23.3), and his five volume autobiography called Memoirs of a Mouse Breeder  ( in the Secure File Cabinet), both written after his retirement as Director of the Laboratory, probably contribute the best understanding of both his diverse interests and his methodical approach to everything in life. Three boxes of collected reprints reflect his passionate interest in statistical analysis and lattice matrix theory. The audio tapes are of poor quality, but contain Earl Green’s perspectives on the growth and direction of The Jackson Laboratory during his directorship, as well as some reflections on his life and work. The papers Margaret Creighton Green (1914-1995) are also included in the inventory. The Photograph Collection of The Jackson Laboratory contains both official portraits and other images of Earl and Margaret Green, 

Addendum: A collection of four personal photograph albums belonging to Earl and Margaret Green was given to TJL by Thomas Roderick in 1998, as well as a tribute album put together by Alan Russell  at the time of the Greens’ retirement.


Public Relations material in the vertical file, 1985-95.

            Special notices and publicity regarding Earl and Margaret Green, Green Endowment Fund,             biographical sketches and curriculum vitae, and obituaries, 1959-95.

Box 14.2 : Papers, 1962-65. Notes, reports, documents and correspondence regarding the tax case             with the U.S. Government vs The Jackson Laboratory. (With 1993 notes)

Box 15.4 : Notebook, 1971. Course on statistics prepared by Earl Green for members of The             Jackson Laboratory staff.

Box 15.9 : Notebook, 1980. Notes on A Study of Matrix Algebra  by S. R. Searle.

Box 22.9 : Correspondence, 1961-69. Concerning library policies, with the librarian and the              Ladies             Auxiliary of Veterans of Foreign Wars.

Box 23.3 : Personal papers, 1978-94. 54 essays on topics from Halloween to solar energy.

Box 26.5 : Correspondence, 1954-81. Professional and business memos and reports to staff,             trustees, and friends. (moved)

Box 36.3 : Margaret Green Papers. Professional papers, reprints, correspondence, 1965-77.           

Box 39.6, .7, .8, .9; and Box 40.19, .20, .21 : Monthly Summaries to trustees, 1963, 1969-75.

            Incomplete series: Information regarding research, training, production, public             information, financial             development, budget and fiscal data, personnel and organization             data, building and grounds reports.

Box 40.1, .2, .3 : Manual of Policies and Procedures, 1956 :

Boxes 47a and 47b: Reprints.

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Box 47c: Additional Reprints: (not yet catalogued)

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- The present Status of Biometry.

- An Examination of the Accuracy of Lattice and Lattice Square Experiments on Corn.

- Statistical Analysis of Factors Which Make for Success in Initial Encounters Between Hens.

- A calculus for Statistico-genetics.

- Separating frequency Distributions into Two Normal Components.

- Guide for Quality Control and Control Chart method of Analyzing data.

- Control Chart method of Controlling Quality During production.

- Mean Rate of Change and a Graphic Method for its Evaluation.

- Application of the Logistic Function to Bio-Assay.

- C.I. Bliss Bibliography

- Biometric Techniques in Biology.

- An Analysis of Heart Measurements of Growing Boys.

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- The Efficiency of Lattice Squares in Corn Selection Tests in new England and Pennsylvania.

- Estimation of the Mean and Its Error from incomplete Poisson Distributions.

- A Classification of groups

- A priori Use of the Gaussian Law.

- Discrimination Analysis: Contribution to the Theory of Accident Proneness. Report #8

- Discrimination Analysis: Contribution to the Theory of Accident Proneness. Report #9

- Liklihood.

- The Numbers of Vertebrae in Primates.

- Heritabuility of Conformation in poland China Swine as Evaluated by Scoring.

- Design of Sampling Experiments in the Social Sciences.

- A Factorial Experiment to Learn the Effects of Four Androgens Injected into male Chicks.

- On the Averaging of Data.

- Curve Fitting: An Art or a Science: An Application of Factor Analysis to the Systematics of Kalotermes.

- Statistical Analysis of Double Dichotomies

- Partial bibliography On Forest Sampling and related Subjects.

- Statistical Concepts in Microbiology.

- The Use of a Generalized Multinomial Distribution in the Estimation of Correlation in Discrete Data

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- The Intensity and Kind of Selection Actually Practiced in Dairy Herds.

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- Penetration of Oils into Insect Eggs.

- Proceedings of the American Association of Economic Entomologists.

- Static and Dynamic Variation in the response of an Insect to Sublethal  Doses of Two Gases.

- The design of Biological Assays.

- Tests of Significance in reversal or Switchback trials.

- Evaluating Liquid Household Insecticides Against the German Cockroach and Bedbug.

- Measurement of Parent Behavior as part of the Child’s Environment.

- The Estimation of Sample Size in Experiments: Using Comparisons of Averages.

- The estimation of Sample Size in Experiments: using Comparisons of proportion.

- An Extension of the coefficient of Divergence for Use with Multiple Characters.

- The Analysis of Lattice and triple lattice Experiments in Corn Varietal Tests.

- Tests of Significance What They mean and How to use Them.


Box 51.2: Manuscript: Gene Variants and Laboratory Mouse, M.L. Green, 1981.

Secure File Cabinet: Manuscript: Memoirs of a Mouse Breeder, Volumes 1-5, 1589pp., 1994.

            Vol. 1            Chapters 1-8, Boyhood through 1956.

            Vol. 2            Chapters 9-12, The Jackson Laboratory: Administration and Staff.

            Vol. 3            Chapters 13-15, TJL: Research, Training and Production Programs.

            Vol. 4            Chapters 16-21, TJL: Animals, Finances, Properties, Taxes, Public Information.

            Vol. 5            Chapters 22-25, TJL: Publications, Personal research and activities, to 1975.

            (The table of contents lists chapters 26-39, but they are not included in this manuscript.)

Media and Museum Collection:

            AUDIOTAPES: 50th Anniversary Interviews, 1978-79. Tape #1 and #2.

            PHOTOGRAPHS: Red Album: Jennings Grammar School (2), 1927; commencement              booklets, Hylander image of Green house on MDI; Mondale & Carter political images; 2             original Chinese brush paintings, with correspondence, 1975; Rembrandt self portrait (copy). Grey Album: 61 images of friends, home, croquet games, & Jackson Laboratory.

            Black Album (#1): 208 images of colleagues & family (each annotated, some dates); Black    Album (#2): 319 images of family, colleagues, scenery, children, mice (most annotated).


Arranged and described by Martha Harmon

March 8, 1998, amended January 18, 1999, April 18, 2000.