TJLA Personal Papers Collection: JEAN HOLSTEIN


Title: The Jean Holstein Papers

Origin: Jean Holstein

Dates: 1977-79.

Acession Number and Location: Box 36, F4.


Scope and Content: An incomplete collection of material used as background for The First Fifty Years at the Jackson Laboratory. The letters from J.P.Scott are most interesting, as are CCL’s memo to Earl Green about the non-mouse research and Leonell Strong’s autobiographical essay and history of the C3H mouse.


1. Correspondence: H.B. Andervont,  J.P. Scott [11pp], R.J. Graff; and notes of Jean Holstein.

2. Reference correspondence: C.C. Little to/from Frederick F. Russell, 1933; Mary Russell to/from H.J. Bagg, 1933; Robrt S. Morison from J.P. Scott, 1953; lecture by L. Strong on the origins of C3H mouse, with charts, [24pp.], 1970?

3. Reprints:

Congenic Mice in Research, 1977.

Editorial biographical sketch of E.E. Tyzzer and H.G. Wells by M.B.S., Cancer Research, 1976.

Prehn, R.T. The Lymphodependent Phase of Neoplastic Growth, 1977.

Scott, J.P. Critical Periods in the Process of Socialization..., n.d.

Scott, J.P. Conference on Genetics and Social Behavior at the R.B. Jackson Laboratory, 1951.

Scott, J.P. and J.L. Fuller, Final Report to the Ford Foundation, 1962.

Sprott, Richard and James Symons, Age Dependent Behavior, n.d.

Leonell C. Strong, A Baconian in Cancer Research: Autobiographical Essay, 1976.

Leonell C. Strong, The Origin of Behavior, 1951.