George Davis Snell Papers



Title: George D. Snell Papers, 1903-1996.

Origin: Papers concerning George Snell’s scientific work were found in The Jackson Laboratory in March 1996; but the majority of his papers were donated in 1997 through deed of gift by Tom and Roy Snell, sons of George and Rhoda Snell. NOTE: A note found taped to a box of correspondence: “All my scientific correspondence and related papers should be sent to: Dr. Whitfield J. Bell, Jr., Executive Officer and Librarian, American Philosophical Society, 104 South Fifth St., Philadelphia, PA 19106 (The Society is gathering material re history of scientists.)”

Copyright: Copyright and literary property rights for any unpublished manuscripts remain the property of Tom and Roy Snell.

Inclusive Dates of the Collection: 1924-1996.

Accession number & Location: 97.025.Snell; Box 25, F1-F14 and 18 boxes (cartons) of material stored in Morrell Park, Collection #55. Photographs have been separated and are listed in the Photograph Collection database, #2345L; including research material, histology, lecture slides, personal and professional images. Slides are listed in the same database, #2345L, but are housed in a separate notebook.

Arrangement: Organized into eight series, the material is inconsistent within each series; it overlaps, and has misfilings, but retains Dr. Snell’s original system. Obvious misfilings have been corrected. Sources other than Dr. Snell’s own files, such as data notebooks found at The Jackson Laboratory, are noted.

            I.          CORRESPONDENCE FILES

            II.          SUBJECT FILES

            III.          MANUSCRIPTS AND NOTES

            IV.         DATA RECORDS : RESEARCH

            V.          REPRINT COLLECTION

            VI.         SNELL FAMILY PAPERS

            VII.       MEDALS AND AWARDS

            VIII.       PHOTOGRAPHS and VIDEOTAPES

Biography: See Box 25 for Public Information material, curriculum vitae, and autobiography.

Biographical chronology:

            1903     Born in Haverhill, Massachusetts

            1926     Graduated from Dartmouth College, B.S.

            1930     Graduated from Harvard, Sc.D.

            1930-31 Brown University, Instructor in biology

            1931-33 University of Texas, National Research Council Fellow

            1933-34 Washington University, Assistant Professor

            1935-68 The Jackson Laboratory, Staff Scientist

             1952     Elected to American Academy of Arts and Sciences

             1955     Hekteon Medal of American Medical Association

             1962     Griffen Animal Care Panel Award

             1962     Bertner Foundation Award

             1967     Gregor Mendel Medal, Czechoslovak Academy of Sciences

            1968-96 The Jackson Laboratory, Senior Staff Scientist Emeritus

              1970     Elected to National Academy of Sciences

              1976     Gairdner Foundation Award

              1978     National Cancer Institute Award

              1978     Elected to British Transplantation Society, Honorary

              1978     Wolf Prize in Medicine

              1979     Elected to French Academy of Sciences, Foreign Associate

              1980     Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine

              1982     Elected to American Philosophical Society

              1983     Elected to British Society of Immunology, Honorary

Scope and Content: (To be added when the collection is fully processed.) Box 25 contains material from The Jackson Laboratory Public Information Office that has been added to the Snell Personal Papers collection: speeches, papers, autobiography, interviews and added comments, including photographs of Dr. Snell and his family. Some related material about the “H-2 Club” are included in Box 25, F12. In June 2000, additional papers were deposited by Pat Cherry, typist for Dr. Snell during his emeritus years, from the hard drive on her computer. These manuscripts are also found in Box 25.



The correspondence files of Dr. Snell are organized into two parts, name/subject files and chronological files. There has been no attempt to rearrange or combine letters from the two separate series, even though there are many overlaps; i.e., individual letters in the chronological files may also have separate folders in the alphabetic files. The following lists include both in-coming and out-going correspondence, some bulk mail, and as found. Indented names include correspondence found with the previous title. The folder titles are exact; alphabetical files from A-W; and chronological files from 1973-1996.


Correspondence Files, Alphabetical:

Academic Press; 1974-79.

Academic Press; 1977-79.

The American Naturalist; 1948.

American Academy of Arts and Sciences

            Paul Kitos, Don W. Fawcett, Albina Connolly, Konrad Bloch, Harry W. Chen, Ed Leiter

American Philosophical Society; 1982.

Amos, Bernard; 1955-1983.

Austin, Holcomb; 1935-90.

Bailey, Donald; 1963-67.

Bevan, Michael J.; 1974-75.

Bingham, A.; 1984-86. [Editor for Self Interest Rightly Understood ]

Biomedical Research - Hoagland; 1987.

Book Related; 1990-96.

Boyse, E.A.; 1962-83.

            Margaret Green notes

Brent, Leslie; 1956-81.

            Skippy Lane

British Tranplantation Society

Ceppellini, R.; 1967-70.

Converse, J.M.; 1955-62.

Crow, James F.; 1986-89.

David, Chella; 1989-90.

Dausset, Jean; 1967-89.

Dausset [Jean] & Nathenson [Stanley]; 1970-77.

            John Freed, 1975.

Davies, D.A.L.; 1965-75.

Demant, Peter; 1967-73.

Demant, Peter; 1974-87.

Demant, [Peter], J. Klein, G. Klein;

Dover Publications; 1953-57.

Dunn, L.C.; 1929-73.

            P. Ivany, William Russell, R. Ceppellini, Shirley Karnell, F.A.E. Crew, Catherine Laird.

Edidin, Michael; 1965-78.

Egerov, I.K.; 1966-80.

Ethics Correspondence

Graff, Ralph

            Marianna [Cherry], Marc Lappe.

H-2 Paper

            Charles A. Janeway, Michael Bevan, David Sachs, Goren Moller, Jan Klein, B.E. Elliot,

            Cornelis Melief, Peter Demant, Chella David, B.L. Strominger, R.D. Stout, Catherine           Neauport-Sautes, Patricia Misiewicz, Janet Plate, Don C. Shreffler.

Habrobracon; 1935.

            P.W. Whiting

            The Determination of Sex in Habrobracon, 11pp, with 9pp of notes, and 1pp. summary

Hellstrom, K.E.; 1963-83.

Heston, Walter; 1940-70.

Hildemann, W.H.; 1962-83.

Hilgert, Ivan; 1964-74.

History - Genetics; 1977-82.

            Whitfield J. Bell, American Philosophical Society, with APS pamphlet, 1977.

            Bentley Glass, 1979

            David Perkins, Genetics Society of America, 1977.

            T.M. Sonneborn, Indiana U., 1977-80.

            J.A. Weir, U. of Kansas, 1982-83.

Hisrtory of Transplantation; 1977.

            Jan Klein, Peter Medawar, Bill [Dupuy]

History of Transplantation Immunology

            L. Brent, Paul Teraski, Harry Winn, Chella David

            A Geneticist’s Recollections of Early Transplantation Studies, 8pp.

Hoecker, G.; 1946-87.

            Alicia Ramos

Hollander, Willard F.; 1933-59.

Immunogenetics, 1973.

            Heinz Gotze; Karel Hala, Czech. Academy of Sciences, Czecheslovakia; W.H.      Hildemann, UCLA; Robert Hueber, NIH; Ivanyi, P. to Corneilius Luttke; Jan Klein, U. of           Texas; Arthur Steinberg, U. of Michigan; Frances Ward, VA.

            notes on Peter Gorer, 1986.

Ivanyi, Pavol; 1967-79.

Kissmeyer-Nielson, F.; (Tissue Antigens)

Klein, Jan; 1963-83.

Klein, George & Eva; 1955-90.

            3 clippings & one paper by Klein.

Lengerova, Alena; 1967-77.

Lilly, Frank; 1963-77.

            Walter Abelmann; 1963.

Lodge, George C.; 1986-87.

            Barbara Ankeny, Harvard Business School Press

Lutz, Mark A.; 1984-85.

Lyon, Mary; 1951-79.

            A.G. Searle; 1966-67.

Malina, Jaroslav; 1983-84.

McCulloch, E.A.; 1971-72.

McKenzie, Ian F.; 1969-76.

McKenzie, Ian F.; 1977-96.

Medvedev, N.N.; 1957-70.

Medwar, P.B.; 1955-76.

Meetings; 1967-84.

Miscellaneous Correspondence; 1928-73. (with note)

            W.E. Castle, 1929-48; John Gerrould, 1928-54. (with obit); Peter Gorer, 1946-61;

             I. Egorov, 1961-62; M.R. Irwin, 1952; P.L. Krohn, 1961; H.J. Muller, 1931-33;

            R. Oldham, 1973; J.I. Patterni, 1933; Leo Sachs, 1956; Sheldon Reed, 1930-47;

            P. Tautu, 1963; G.B. Wilson, 1956; R.L. Wolford, 1962-73; Sewall Wright, 1948-54.

Miscellaneous, 1980-82.

            James A. Baldwin, A. Marvin Braverman, Henry Brooks, James Crow, James Ebert,

            J. Frank Gerrity, II, Margaret Gerrity, E. Robert Kinney, Neil and Marion [Miller],

            Mrs Harry R. Neilson, Stephen Petschek, Ray Rappaport, Louise and George Roderick,

            Cornelia Cogswell Rossi, Micheal Wall, Pavol and Dagmar [?].

            Rhoda Snell note to Janice Tanner, 1982.

[Miscellaneous] Selected Correspondence - No Family - 4/25/74;

            Baruj Benacerraf, 1972; Rupert Billingham; T.C. Carter, 1949-51; Albert E. Casey, 1949;

            Milan Hasek, Czechoslovak Academy of Sciences, 1969; John G. Kidd, 1972; Goran          Moller, 1962; T.H. Mowat, 1964; Diana  & Raymond Popp, Oak Ridge National  Laboratory, 1958-72; W.R. Rank, Max Planck Inst., 1971.       

Mitchison, N.A.; 1953-1973.

            William Murray, Mary Dunham, F.M. Carpenter, Judith Horowitz.

Mowat, 1983.

Muhlbock, Otto; 1969-77.

            Anna Muhlbock, 1989.

Nathenson, Stanley; 1969-83.

Nobel Foundation, 1980-81. [See subject files]

Nomenclature; Correspondence, notes, reprints,1977-79.

            Ian McKenzie, 1979.

                        M.C. Green to Leonard A. Herzenberg, 1979.

                        Edward A. Boyce to M.C. Green, 1978.

            Peter Demant; Thomas J. Gill, with manuscript; Jan Klein; Phil Halloran; Mary Lyon;

            A.G. Searle; Jonathan Howard, Cambridge U., U.K.

            Note to Tom from George.

            Note to George from Margaret [Green]

            Note to George from Tom [Roderick]

            “Genetic Symbols:....”, Immunogenetics, 1977. (reprint)

Nomenclature - 1970; 1966-73.

            Notes on Mouse Nomenclature Committees, 1966.

            Correspondence with A.G. Searle, 1970-73.

                        Margaret Green

            Joan Staats memorandum, 1971.

Nomenclature - Biochem. Mutants 1964; 1962-66.

            Amos, Bernard, Duke U.

            Aston, Geoffrey, University of Hawaii

            Cinader, B. & Dubiski, S., University of Toronto

            Dray, Sheldon,  NIH

            Fahey, John F., NCI

            Paula Hertwig, Paula,  Martin Luther University, Halle, W.Germany (in German)

            Herzenberg, L.A. , Stanford

            Hoffman, Harold, NCI

            Kelms, A.S., University of Birmingham, UK

            Liebermann, Rose, NIH

            Lyon, M.F., MRC, Harwell

            Owen, Ray D., CIT

            Shreffler, Donald, University of Michigan

            Staats, Joan , The Jackson Laboratory

            List of scientists and projects, n.d.

            E.L. Green chart, 1963. 

            Dray, S. “A Notation for Allotypy...” Nature, 1962. (reprint)

            Snell, GDS “Standard Genetic Nomenclature” 1964.

Nomenclature Corres. 1954-68.; 1961-68.

            Cattenach, Bruce M., City of Hope Medical Center

            Duchen, L.W.

            Gruneberg, Hans, Martin Luther University, Halle, Germany

            Heston, W.E., HEW, NCI

            Kaliss, Nat

            Kyoji Kondo, Nagoya U., Japan

            Lindsley, Dan, Oak Ridge Laboratory

            Lyon, M.F., MRC, Harwell, UK

            Medvedev, N.N., Moscow, USSR

            Odaka, Takeshi, University of Tokyo, Japan

            Riegel, Ilse, University of Wisconsin

            Staats, Joan, The Jackson Laboratory

            Strich, S.J.

Nomenclature - Corres - Com; 1963-71.

            Boyes, Wally, Utrecht Genetics Insitute.

            Green, Margaret

            Gruneberg, Hans (to Joan Staats)

            Hertwig, Paula (in German)

            Heston, W.E.

            Lyon, M.F., MRC, Harwell

            Medvedev, N.N., Academy of Medical Sciences, Moscow, USSR

            Searle, A.G.

            Staats, Joan

Nomenclature - Corres - Not Com.; 1963-69.

            Bailey, Don ,UCSF (to Margaet Green)

            Carter, T.C., University of Edinburgh (to Joan Staats)

            Catchside, D.G.,University of Birmingham, UK

            Cinader, B., University of Toronto

            Dray, Sheldon , NIH

            Falconer, D.S.

            Ford, Charles, MRC, Harwell      

            Hertzenberg, Leo, Stanford

            Hollander, Willard F., Iowa State University

            Jay, Geo. E. Jr., Microbiological Associates

            Lake, B.C., American Genetics Association

            Riegel, Ilse L., Cancer Research

            Russch, H.P., University of Wisconsin

            Searle, A.G., MRC, Harwell

            Uphoff, Delta , NCI

            Waddington, C.H., University of Edinburgh

            Wallace, M.E., University of Cambridge

            Wolff, George L. ,Institute for Cancer Research

            memo from GDS to ?

Nomenclature - Distn of ISM 4;

Nomenclature - Early Corres.; 1939-59.

Nomenclature - H-2 - 1973; 1973-74.

Nomenclature - H-2 ballot; 1968

Nomenclature - H-Gene; 1961-70.

Nomen[clature] - Inbred Std.-Germ Free; 1967.

Nomenclature - Inbred Stran; 1965-73.

Nomenclature - MMAN; 1970-71.

Nomenclature - H-2 & non-H-2; 1968-74.

Nomenclature - Reviews/Reports; 1948-84.

Nomenclature - Rules, Etc. 1963; 1962-63.

Nomenclature - Transplantation; 1963-64.

Our Earth

            Joan Staats, Federal Reserve Board, Professor David E. Fisher

Owen, Ray; 1955-87.

            (with postcards)

Pressman, David; 1947-65.

Rapaport, Felix T.; 1968-71.

Reed, Sheldon; 1981-90.

            (with clippings, reprints, photograph)

Reif, Arnold; 1964-91.

Rubenstein, Pablo; 1963-74.

Rosenfield, Richard; 1966-67.

Russell, Paul; 1964-71.

Ruszkiewicz, Marian; 1965-82.

Sabbatical, 1952-53.

            C.H. Danforth, G. Ledyard Stebbins, A. Moffit, Theophilus Painter.

Sanderson, Arnold R.; 1971-83.

Schact, Marshall, 1927-57. College classmate and close friend, correspondence with poems.

Schlesinger, Micael; 1970.

Search For a Rational Ethic; 1988-89.

            Correspondence with editors and publishers, from Mary and Ann, to Barbara, clippings,                   book summary, book reviews, and invoices.

Shreffler, Donald C.; 1963-82.

Simonsen, Morten; 1962-69.

Stimpfling, Jack H.; 1957-

            Jan Klein, E.L. Green

Storer, Morris; 1984-86.

            Gretchen Storer, Gloria Storer.

Terraski, Paul; 1990-91.

            J. Dausset, Ben Taylor, Jan Klein, Hugh McDevitt, Ian McKenzie, I. Egorov, D. Bailey;

            Lists and notes.

Trentin, John J.; 1962-70.

Washington (1); 1971-84

            Peter Kyros, Reader’s Digest, Edmund Muskie, William Hathaway, Olympia Snowe,                       William Cohen, George Mitchell, Wilbur Mills, Jimmy Carter, Henry M. Jackson, Henry      Kissinger, William Simon, John Chancellor, Peter Rodino, James B. Longley, Cecil             McNally, Walter Bunker, William B. Butler, Menachim Begin, John Glenn.

Washington (2); 1980-85.

Olympia Snowe, William Cohen, George Mitchell, Ginger Constantine, William Cohen,        Tom Andrews, Bob Kerrey, John Baldacci.

Washington (3); 1994-96.

            Bill Clinton, Olympia Snowe, George Mitchell, Bob Dole.

[See also, “Politics” in the Subject Files]

Whitford, Marilyn; 1994.

Wilson, Edmund O.; 1972-88.

Winn, Henry J.; 1955-71.

            James H. Turner, Dan H. Campbell, Matt C. Dodd

van Rood, J.J.; 1971-87.

            R. Douglas

Wright, Sewall

            (no correspondence; only clippings and TJL obituary notice)


Chronological Correspondence Files:

1973 Correspondence:

Bach, Fritz H. - U. of Wisconsin, Lab. of Genetics

Blankenhorn, Elizabeth P. - California Institute of Technology, Pasadena

Bortin, Mortier M. - Mt. Sinai Medical Center, Milwaukee

Click, Robert E. - Warf Insitute, Madison, Wisconsin

Croy, Anne - Princess Margaret Hospital, Toronto

David, C.S. - Dept. of Human Genetics, U. of Michigan

Dusanic, Donald G. - Indiana State U., Terre Haute

Edelmann, Chester M. - Albert Einstein School of Medicine, Yeshiva University

Elkins, William - Dept. of Pathology, U. of Pennsylvania

Elliott, Orville - Faculty of Medicine, U. of Singapore

Fabris, Nicola - University Di Pavia, Italy

Festenstein, Hilliard - London Hospital Med. College

Gleichmann, Ernst - Med. School of Hannover, Germany

Goodenough, Ursula W. - Biological Labs, Harvard University

Gregory, Connie - Ontario Cancer Inst., Toronto

Gross, Jerome - Harvard Med. School, Mass. Gen. Hospital, Boston

Gross, Ludick - Cancer Research Unit, V.A. Hospital, Bronx

Guttler, Flemming - Inst. of Med. Microbiol., U. of Copenhagen

Hallum, Jules V. - Dept. of Microbiology, U. of Oregon

Hellig, Hermoine - Veterinary Research Institute, Republic of South Africa

Hempling, Harold G. - Fed. of Am. Societies for Experimental Biology, Bethesda

Humphreys, Robert E. - Naval Med. Research Inst., Bethesda

Hyman, Robert - Salk Insitute, San Diego

Lake, Phil - Dept. of Immunology, U. of Manitoba

Lang, Kareen E. - MSS Information Corporation, NY

Law, Lloyd - Nat. Cancer Institute, Bethesda

Longenecker, Brian M. - Dept. of Zoology, U. of Alberta, Edmonton

McFarland, Marvin W. - Library of Congress, Washington, D.C.

Mobraaten, Larry - Curie Foundation, Orsay, France

Motta, R. - Insitute of Cancer & Imunogenetics, Villejuif, France

Ramseier, H. - Inst. for Med. Biology, Zurich

Scott, L.V. - Oklahoma U. Health Sciences Center, Oklahoma City

Searle, A.G. - MRC Radiobiology Unit, Berkshire, England

Shevach, Ethan M. - Dept. of H.E.W., Bethesda, MD

Sidman, Richard L. - Harvard Med. School

Stanislavski, E. - Ministry of Health of the USSR

van de Velde, R.W. - Princeton University

Waters, L.L. - Jane Coffin Childs Memorial Fund for Med. Research, New Haven

Weiss, Daniel L. - U. of Kentucky

Wettstein, Peter J. - Dept. of Bacteriology & Immunology, U. of North Carolina

Williams, J.P.G. - Insitute of Child Health, London

Wilson, Katherine S. - Dept. of H.E.W., Bethesda, MD

Zabriskie, John B. - Rockerfeller U., NY


1975-77 Correspondence:

Aoki, Tadao - Dept. of H.E.W., Bethesda

Artzt, Karen

Bearn, Alexander G.

Benacerraf, Baruj

Bennett, Michael J.

Bevan, Michael J.

Billingham, Rupert E.

Blanden, R.V.

Cohen, Frun H.

Colombani, Jacques

David, Chella

Ebringer, Alan

Edelman, Gerald M.

Edmondson, K.W.

Elliot, Bruce

Flaherty, Patricia

Flaherty, Lorraine

Gordon, Robert D.

Hansen, Ted H.

Holan, V.

Hasck, Milan

Irwin, M.R.

Janeway, Charles A.

Janssen, F.D.G.

Katz, David H.

Klein, Paul A.

Kohn, Henry I.

Lawrence, H. Sherwood

Lotszova, Eva

McKusick, Victor A.

Melief, Cornelis J.M.

Moller, Goran

Moriwaki, K.

Neauport-Sautes, C.

Pinto, Lawrence H.

Plate, Janet

Sachs, David H.

Schur, Peter H.

Schwartz, Robert S.

Sigler, Marcy

Svejgaard, Arne

Wegmann, Thomas

Wood, Claire

Wortis, Henry H.

Zinkernagel, Rolf


1978 Correspondence:

Benacerraf, Baruj

Bonavido, Benjamin

Carlson, George A.

Carpenter, C.B.

Cheseboro, Bruce

Edidin, Michael

Falkensrtrom, Arthur L.

Foster, Henry L.

Frelingier, Jeffrey A.

Gill, Thomas, III

Glide, Hans-Georg

Golub, Edward S.

Halloran, Philip F.

Knudsen, Alfred G.

Livnat, Shmuel

Marcus, Donald M.

Mervelo, Daniel

Miller, Daniel G.

Nauts, Helen C.

Roxburgh, J.M.

Smolker, Rosemary G.

Sprague, Professor G.F.

Stone, William H.

Tada, Tomio

Taylor, H.E.

Tennant, Judith R.

Wu, C.S. & Luke Yuan


1980 Correspondence:

Bergenheim, Patricia A.

Bonnefous, Edouard (in French)

Curtis, A.S.G.

Evans, Robert

Festenstein, Hilliard & Wilhelm Schmidt

Foster, Henry L.

            Jan Klein

Guttmann, R.D.

Hasek, Milan

Henry, Austin H.

Herzenberg, Leonard, A.

James, Kevin

Johnson, Lawrence L.

Klein, Jan


Lyon, Mary

Mayer, Manfred M.

Oettgen, Herbert F.

            Lloyd J. Old

            Erwin, Fleissner

            Ulrich Hammerling

Robinson, P.J.

Roderick, Tom

Roman, Hershel L.

Stevenson, Henry C.

Sweet, Hope

            H.B. Blanchet

Teraski, Paul I.

Waelsch, Salome G.

Whitcomb, Dorothy

Other: One post card from California with many signatures.


1981 Correspondence:   

Barrett, James T.

Bonner, Joseph

Boulding , Kenneth & Lawrence Senesh

Brankov, G.

David, Chella

Foster, Henry L.

Fuqua, Don

Griffith, Roger

Gross, Ludwik

Haessler, George

Kellner, Martin & Alfred Teton & Jacob W. Ullmann

Kanungo, M.S. & R. Spaemann & M. Takeshita

Jablonski, Donald J.

Leahy, Eileen

McGowan, Alan

Morin, Robert J.

Page, Ruth W.

Purkey, William W.

Sage, Richard D.

Sanderson, Arnold R. (with card)

Sandford, Barbara

Transplantation Society

Williams, A.F.

Witkin, Evelyn M.

Zajic, James E.

Ziemann, Barbara D.


            The Jackson Laboratory [George?]

            Centre D’Immunologie Inserm-CNRS, France [Francios?]

            Clinical Research Centre, Harrow, England [Wi?]


1982 Correspondence:

Academie des Sciences Morales et Politiques, Paris

Alost, Robert A.

Baldwin, James A.

Baltimore, David

Beamer, Wes

Besk, Raymond M. (with clippings)

Bias, Wilma B.

Bortin, Mortimer M.

Brezhnev, Leonid I.

Casey, Albert E.

            Joshua Lederberg

            Data sheet and manuscript

Charney, Nicolas

Collard, Pat

Coughlin, Kathleen M.

Curtis, A.S.G.

Ebert, James D.

Erway, Lawrence C.

Fachet, Jozef

Farr, P.J.

Freedman, Alfred M.

Garcia, Roger H.

Guerney, David W.

Hildemann, W.H.

Hoagland, Mahlon

Hodgkin, Dorothy

Howard, Jonathan C.

Jensen, Elwood V.

Kissmeyer, F.

Lehner, Thomas

Levi, Robert & Gregory W. Siskind & Carl G. Becker

Lorenz, Konrad

Marcus, Richard E.

Marsh, David G.

McCracken, Thomas (cartoon)

Mitshell, Allan W.

National Academy of Sciences

Ofjord, Audun

Olson, Elizibeth

Pincus, Seth

Plaut, Marshall

Roderick, Tom

Sanderson, Arnold R.

Sandford, Barbara H.

            Daniele Petcheck

Tada, Nobuhiko & Ulrich Hammerling

Temin, Howard M.

Toomey, Edward G.

Trimarchi, Michele

Union of Concerned Scientists

Other: Two letters with incomplete signatures:

            Sheldon & Elizabeth

            The Jackson Laboratory [George]


1983 Correspondence:

Axelrad, Arthur A.

Blachere, J. (in French)

Boyer, Christine L.

Childers, Rory W.

Englund, Paul T.

Flaherty, Lorraine & James Forman

Fulas, H.

Gardiner, D.

Ghosh, Arabinda

Griffen, Jeanne M.

Hebert, Patricia A. (with enclosures and manuscript)

Kane, Daniel H. (wtih manuscript)

Lanza, Robert

Levi, Roberto

Marks, Paul A.

Moller, Goran

Paul, William E.

Reif, Arnold E.

Sabatine, David D.

Sanderson, Arnold R.

Toma, Peter

Vaithilingam, Dushandhan S.

Weed, Mary Kathleen

Williams, L.M.

Winkler, Karlo


            The Jackson Laboratory [George]

1984 Correspondence:

Allison, James P.

Anbar, Ariel

Darlington, Mrs. Philip J. (with enclosures)

DeVita, Vincent T.

Diener, Erwin & Bhagirath Singh & Thomas G. Wegmann (wtih enclosures)

Fuller, John L.

Haines, Judith Tennant

Harrison, Tricia

Kinney, E. Robert

Kirschner, Sam

[Lyon], Mary

Pease, Larry r.

Schwizer, [Don?]

Wantman, Linda K.

YMCA of Mount Desert

Other: Six letters with partial signatures:


            University of Pennsylvania - Will

            Sandy (two hand written notes)

            David (two postcards)

            Photocopy of Rolf Barth correspondence.

            One Memo


1985 Correspondence:

Boso, Alice

Boyer, Markley H.

Gairdner Foundation

Gentry, Sherri

Glass, Suzanne & Bentley

[Lyon], Mary

Ovchinnikov, Yu.A.

Riman, Josef

Searle, A.G.

Wall, Michael A.

Worthen, Michelle

Other: Two hand written letters to Polly & Peter by GDS

            Dept. Health & Human Services - Sandy

            Three postcards.

            One note - Will


1986 Correspondece:

Boyer, Markley H.

Brechlin, Earl

Calle, Stuart C.

Coalition for Corporate Responsibility

Harris, Joanne

Kanzler, Joanne

Killpatrick, James C.

Klein, George

Meyer, Terri

Pope, Dick

Sanderson, Arnold

Schlessinger, Bernie

Searle, A.G.

Sebring, Russell

Sharma, Jyotsna

Tsai, Wein-Hwe

Vogel, Peter

Wrye, Ronald N.


            Oak Ridge National Laboratory - Bill

            Two postcards and a card from Anna.

            Note from Helen


1987 Correspondence:

Cronenwitt, Philip N.

Dodson, Marcia

Fishbeck, Kristin Michelle (with enclosure)

Garber, Morris J.

Green, Earl

Halperin, Israel

Hedman, Stephen C.

Kaliss, Nat & Bess

McCallister, Myrna J.

Mittleberger, Kathryn

Reed, Sheldon & Elizabeth

Rich, Keith

Romary, Kristina

Rowe, John W.

Singer, Andre

Spike, J. Edward (with enclosures)

Stewart, Walter W. (with enclosures)

Other :

            Card signed Barbara

            Note from Guido


1988 Correspondence:

[Austin], Holcombe & Ethelind

Baucus, Senator Max

Bobley, Mrs. Joshua & Sree Sudha Yerneni

Bodde, Derek & Galia

Brown, Joseph Sessford

Dictionary of ?Scientific Biography

Fejto, Francois

Feuerwerker, Elie

Fischer, Gerhard (in German)

Glass, Bentley and Suzanne

Harris, Burton m.

Hinkins, John Paul

Howard, Judith

Margenau, Henry

Petterson, Barbara

Shaastry, V.R.

Smith, Arthur & Katherine

Steinmullert, David

[Waymouth], Charity

Zuckerman, Harriet

Other: Three postcards.


1989-1993: No files yet found.


1994 Correspondence, 1990-94:

American Philosophical Society

Pat Bailey

Rolf Barth

William Bennett (Empower America)

G. Biczo, Hungarian Academy of Sciences

L. Brent, 1990-94.

Ron Campbell, with clipping and 4 pps hand-written response.

Episcopal Divinty School

Alexander Epstein

Jeffrey Frelinger

Bentley Glass

Joseph Goldberg (4) and Andy Breslaw-Goldberg

Douglas Iscovitz

Rainer Klofkorn

David Krieger, Nuclear Age Peace Foundation

Timothy Kutscheid, with poem.

Ian McKenzie

Stanley Miller

National Taxpayer’s Union

Felix Rapaport

Sheldon [Reed]

Derry Roopenian

Richard Showstack

J.P. Scott

Michael Skinner, with term paper, Basic Research: The Fuel of Progress, 13pps.

Smithsonian Books

Morris and Gloria [Storer]

Sam Wexler

Esteban Mesaros Wild, World Cultural Council

World Scientific Publishing Co., with hand-written reply.

James Wyngaarden, National Academy of Sciences

Other:  Obituary notices for Donald Shreffler

            Note from Don ?

            Postcard from Arnold

            Post Office notice

1995 Correspondence:

Austin, Holcombe & Ethelind

Brent, Leslie

de Angelis, Guenther Hrabe

Frontiers in Immunogenetics 1996

Goode, Stephen

Gurtler, Michael

Kendall, James I.

            I. Azmanov

McCreary, Grace S.

McGrath, D.A.

McKenzie, Ian

Melcher, Maik

Nathenson, Stanley

Rader, Karen

Rapoport, Elizabeth

Stevens, Rtuh Ann

White, Chris

Whitford, Marilyn

Other:  Duke University Medical Center - Bernard


            Morris & Gloria


1996 Correspondence:

[Austin], Holcombe

Blake, Andrew

Emerson, Edward E.

Harris, Joanne

Hilgert, Ivan

Kendall, James I.

King, Governor Angus

Meserve, Harry & Kay

McKenzie, Ian

Rader, Karen

Reeves, John Phelps

Ross, Sherman & Jean

Scott, Paul & Mary Vesta

Valentine, Pauline

Other:  Christmas letter - Arnold




            One unidentified signature on a thank-you card.

Other Correspondence, found separately. (small green folder box)

Balkin, Richard; 1995.

Bennett, Michael; 1975.

Blake, Andrew; 1996.

Braun, Mary Elizabeth; 1994.

Caspari, Ernst W.; 1979.

Clinton, Bill; 1995.

Cohen, Irun R.;1976.

Coover, Doe; 1995.

Egorov, Igor K.; 1978.

Flaharty, Dr. Lorraine; 1977.

Frelinger, Jeffrey A.; 1977.

Kneerim, Jill; 1995.

MacKey, Thomas E. Jr.; 1976.

McGrath, Marian; 1978.

McKenzie, Ian F.C.; 1996.

Morris, P.J.; 1977.

Rader, Karen; 1996.

Rapoport, Elizabeth; 1995.

Shreffler, Donald C.; 1977.



A mixture of personal and professional papers that are sometimes erroneously filed or inconsistent with other material. From college notes of the 1920’s, to clipping files of the 1990’s, these files contain correspondence, hand-written or annotated manuscripts, photographs, reprints, photocopies, slides, and research data.

NOTE:  Arrangement of the subject files: Title of the folder; description of contents or identification of correspondent, date of material. Information in brackets has been added by the archivist only to aid in logical organization of alphabetized material or to identify an individual.


American Academy of Sciences (see Nominations, A.A.S.)          

Bibliography; (see Snell, G.D., Bibliography).

Biographical; (see Snell, G.D., Biographical)

Biology; College classroom notes, printed material, 1926-27.

Book Reviews (Histocompatibility); 1977.

Castle, W.E. (biography); 1963-92.

            Correspondence from John Drake & Jim Crow; reprints and notes.

Dairy [sic] - Records, personnel, newspaper accounts; H-2 chronology and other lists, clippings,      1950-86.

Diary; Correspondence (“to Mumsey”, n.d.; to Earl Green, 1961); correspondence lists, 60pp, 1953-

Endocrinology; Research data and notes, photographs of histology, “Effect of injection of anterior     pituitary extract on the thyroids of mice with      hereditary dwarfism.”, 1930.

            [handwritten on fragile and damaged paper]

Ethics; Papers, 6pps., n.d.

Evolution Exams; 10 exams, 1934. Society for the Study of Evolution By-laws and membership       list, 1949. (Box 60)

Federation of American Societies for Experimental Biology (see Nominations, F.A.S.E.B.)

Gairdner Award; Correspondence, program, brochure, clippings, speech, 1976.

Gays; Clippings, reprints, notes, 1994-1995.

Gene - Chemistry; Manuscript with illustrations, charts and tables, 1937.

Genetics - Banded Hair; Correspondence (Frank Foley, 1931), genealogic charts, photograph of       banded hair.

Genetics - Notes; Classroom notes, charts, and data, 1928.

Giovannella; Correspondence, slides of Nobel Prize winners’ portraits, 1981-88.

Grants - Selected Material; 1951-74.

Growth; Correspondence with Paul Weiss, Society for Development and Growth, U. of Chicago,       1940; exam paper, charts, notes on mutations; “Growth and Size” 55pp. manuscript,             1928;

“An Inherent Defect In the Theory That Growth Rate Is Controlled By an Autocatalytic

Process” 17 pps manuscript, 1926? [material is fragile and damaged]

H-2 Anniversary - June 87; 1985-88.

            Correspondence with D. Chella, conference materials & introductory remarks.

H-2; Correspondence (Michael Procharla, 1988); notes (D. Roopenian, 1988); citation cards, 1975-

76; reprint (Elizabeth Song, et al, “Allospecific cytotoxic..., 1988);  “Some thought on

evolution and function of H-2, 10pps., n.d.

H-2 Contract; Data charts; memorandum from John G. Ray, 1977; catalog of Mouse Anti-IA             Alloantisera, 1968, 1974, 1977; correspondence to Peter Demant from M. Cherry.

H-2 Contract Antisera - Catalogue; Catalog, 1968.

H-2 Mixed Material; Tables and charts, n.d.; Demant chart, 1973; prepublish review of B.E. Rothenberg, “The Self Recognition Concept” n.d.; “H-2 Antisera Produced under NIH Contract” G.D.S., n.d.

H-2   H-2, 5, 1, 11, 25, 23; Data, charts, 1968-69.

H-2 Gene   H-2 Chart; Chart, 1973; correspondence to T. Roderick fron P. Demant, 1979; H-2          News Letter, No. 1, 1957; handwritten data, P. Demant, 1978; mss. with chart, n.d.;             Linkage map of the mouse, Womack, 1977; C.S. David chart, 1976; data for Short Course        in Med. Gen., 1976; data chart, P. Demant, 1973; data chart, D.S. Arn, 1969; data chart,             Shreffler, 1966.[

[“Non H-2” files were found here, but are now alphabetized.]

[H-3 Studies]   1957-58 Projects, charts and tables, 1963. (8pps.)

H Gene   H-2   B10.Y; H-2 plans, 1966; correspondence to P. Demant from R.J. Graff, 1963; to        G.D.S. from P. Demant, n.d.; Demant notes, n.d.

H Gene   H-2 Serological - Typing; Data charts, 1969.

H Gene   H-2 Serological - Standard Antisera & Antiserum Production; Notes and data charts,         1966-68.

H Gene - Shreffler and Stimpfling Data; Data and charts, 1966-68.

H Gene(s) - H-3; Data, notes, summaries, charts, 1962-66.

H Gene(s) - H-3 & H-13   R.G.; Data and charts, 1966-71.

H Gene(s)   H-4; Data and charts, 1958-70; correspondence from [Mrs.?] Chai, 1969-70;     correpondence from Theodore S. Hauschka, 1964.

H Gene   H-9; Data and charts, n.d.; correspondence from R.Graff, 1968.

H Gene   H-13; Data and charts, 1964-66.

H Gene - IR Lines: Material for IR paper, 1958; data and charts, 1953.

H Gene   IR Lines - Control data; Notes, 20pps., 1960-64.

H Gene(s) - IR Lines - NX; Handwritten data chart, 1pp., 1956-57.

H Gene   40NX; Data and notes, n.d.

Hybrid Vigor; Clippings about national and international politicians, businessmen, actors, musicians,            designers, collectors, and historical figures; 1942-50.

Hybrid Vigor - Correspondence; Hallock P. Long, 1942-43; 1948: Diane Kelton, Carlton Coon,          Mary Lyon, Boston Atheneum, Senator Arthur Vandenberg,   Theodor Hoover (for Herbert                     Hoover, with genealogical chart);  1949: John D. Venable (for Thomas A. Edison), Francis         T. Miller (biographer of D.D. Eisenhower), Marie Middleton (Yvonne de Carlo’s mother),            Farley Granger, Ronald Reagan (two page personal letter), W.L. Robinson, H.L. Shapiro,     A.J. Jaffe, Frank W. Notestein; 1950: Curt Stern, Edith Noland (for Harry Truman), S.A.             Asdell   (with genealogical chart of Frederick The Great and 19pps of data).

Hybrid Vigor - Notes; Note cards with biographical data on famous people; genealogical charts        (F.D.Roosevelt pedigree to 1615, 4’ x 4’); “Hybridization and Man” Encyclopedia         Britannica Research Bureau, 12pps., n.d.

Hybrid Vigor - Tabulated Data; Charts.

Hybrids and History; “Hybrids and History: The Role of Race and Ethnic Crossing in Individual          and National Achievement” by G.D.S., 55pps. original manuscript with annotations, 1951.

Institutional Design 22; Clippings, reprints, newsletters, lecture with annotations, on politics,            segregation, health care, and science.

Israel; 3x5 note cards, clippings, personal travel log, consulate information, 1988-95.

            Correspondence:  including Moshe Gilboa, Wolff Foundation, 1990; Arthur Avnon, 1988;      anonymous; to Senator Bob Dole, 1990; to Edgar Bronfman, 1989; literature and appeals          from  several Jewish committees and organizations. (Box 60)

LAB (including Lab Archives); 1984-91.

            Correspondence on oral history project; S. Mehrtens, Randolph Klein, Judith Swazey;

            Correspondence with Robert A. Little, 1984.

            TJL Strategic Plan Executive Summary, 1991-96.;

            Biography of C.C. Little for Dictionary of Scientific Biography, 1985;

            Clippings from TJL Bulletin; TJL JAX, 1987-88.

Laboratory - Personnel, 1946-86; Lists of staff members; Clippings.

Ly-6   Ly-7; M. Cherry, et al “Loci Determining Murine Lymphocyte Alloantigens” 4 copies with         notes,

            tables, and annotations.

Manuscripts - Miscellaneous;

            1.Technological Progress and Some of Its Possible Consequences, with annotations,5pps.

            2.Abstract for workshop on the Origins of Inbred Strains, 3pps., 1977.

            3.Loci Determining Murine Lymphocyte Alloantigens, M. Cherry, et al, 23pps.

            4.The Major Histocompatibility System in Man and Animals, Dietrich Gotze, book review.

            5.The Role of H-2 in the T Cell Response to cell Surface Antigens, 2 copies with     annotations, 16pps.

            6.Corrrespondence: to Doug Coleman, 6pps. n.d.; memorandum to other staff, 1976.

Material of Interest; Correspondence, Lois Maltais, 1995; Clippings on current affairs, politics,          and

science; Abstract, “On the cause of the mammalian descent of the testes”,

Medical Genetics

            1.”Mouse Mutants Affecting Growth...” O.S. Egorov, et al, 1989.

            2.Short Course in Medical & Experimental Genetics, brochure, 1988.

            3.         “                       “                       “                       , papers, 1987.

            4.         “                       “                       “                       , brochure, 1986.

            5.         “                       “                       “                       , papers, 1986.


            7.Correspondence fron Anne [McKusick] (Mrs. Victor McKusick), 1989.

Meeting and Invitations; 1983-94.

Mice - Artificial Insem.; Data; “A Technique for the Artificial Insemination of Mice.” by Snell, K.         Hummel, W.H. Abelman, 17pps, 1944. (with three preliminary reports by Abelman, 1943.)

Mice - Expenses; Notes; Correspondence from Gilbert Wolf to L.H. Blenderman, R.A. Swausch,      J.L. Buaas, 1930.

Mice - Food; Notes; Data chart; Brochures; Correspondence with Howard Beard, Louisianna State   University, 1931, John D. Peck, 1931, Carwoth Farms, 1946.

Mice - Neutron Expt.; Data tables; Handwritten paper “The Production of Sterility in Male Mice by    Irradiation with neutrons” with data tables, by GDS; Summary paper on “The Induction by           Irradiation with Neutrons of Hereditary Changes in Mice.” by GDS, 1937.

Mice - Pedigrees - Discarded Lines; Notes and charts, 1948-86.

Mice - Stocks - Inbred and CR stock list; Correspondence to politicians, 1989; Lists (8) of strains,   1964-77, with annotations; Correspondence, 1966-68; papers and memoranda, 1966.

Mice Stocks - Congenic Strains for linkage; Notes, memoranda with annotations, 1968.     

Mice - Stunted; Chart, n.d.

Mice - T,1; Correspondence with B.M. Bilinsky, n.d.;Photographs of mouse embryos; Notes and      drawings; “Abnormal Development in the Mouse Caused by Chromosome Unbalance” by           GDS and Dorothea I. Picken, with annotations, 28pps.,1935.

Mice - T (1;?); Data tables; T6 pedigree chart, 1949.

Mice - T (5;8)a; Notes, data, tables and pedigree, 1933.

Mice - Tumor Data; 1935-37.

Mice - X-rayed at Birth

            Correspondence: Prexy [C.C. Little], 1939; Donald Child, 1939; Edith H. Quimby; Francis C.

Wood, Columbia U.;

            Data tables and charts.

            Proposed Plan of Work, 1936.

            Report of Progress of Josiah Macy Foundation, U. of Maine, C.C. Little director.

                        “Effects of the irradiation with x-rays on newborn mice”

            Request for appointment to Josiah Macy Foundation Fellowship, 1933.

            Note from Joe [Murray], 1936.

            Snell and Fekete “The Incidence of Tumors in Female Mice Sterilized at Birth by X-rays.”

                        4pps with notes and annotations, n.d.

Mice - X-rayed Females, 1936.

            Data and tables; “Hereditary Changes In the Descendents of female Mice Exposed to         Roentgen Rays.” by GDS and B. Amos, 14pps, with 3pps summary (3 different summaries); Prograss Report, 1936.

Mice - X-Ray Photographs; Brochures for X-Ray tubes and correspondence with manufacturers        (Kodak, Muller, Westinghouse, Kinchloe, Liebel-Flarsheim), 1932.; Mouse X-rays;             Notes;   Correspondence with Dalton Richardson, 1932.   

Mice - X-rays; Data, charts, and pedigrees, 1932; “Quantitaive Inferences Concerning the Genetic    Effects of Radiation on Human Beings”, R.D. Evans, 1948.

Mice - X-rays 2; Data and charts, n.d.

Mouse Chromosome Map; Note from Ben [Taylor], 1950; “Locus Map of Mouse with           Comparative Map Points of Human on Mouse,” 16pps, 1990.

National Academy of Sciences; Correspondence, news releases, notes, 1970-89.

[N.A.S.] - Nominations - Biographical Information; Correspondence with H. Lawrence, M. Kall.,        papers, 1976.

N.A.S. - Elections. Nominations; Brochures, memoranda, proposals, newsletters, 1981-83.

N.A.S. - Nominations; Papers, 1991.

[N.A.S.] - Nominations - Chella David; Correspondence with David, papers, 1989.

N.A.S. - Nominations & Others Made or Seconded by GDS; Correspondence with E.A. Boyse,        R.M. Krause, B. Crawford, Dausset, Oliver Lowry, Marc Fellows, Sarah Ratner, James           Crow;

biographgy of Peter Gorer, 1978-82.

[N.A.S.] - Nominations - Rapaport; Correspondence with Dausset, papers, 1986.

N.A.S. - Proceedings; Correspondence with Jan Klein, M. Bennett, H.J. Heiniger, Tadao Aoki,         Frank Lilly, notes, papers, abstracts, 1970-80.

[N.A.S.] - Subcommittee [Microbiology & Immunology Section 43]; Corespondence with Krause,

notes, papers, brochures, biographical material, 1981-82.

[Nobel] Bills;

[Nobel] Clippings; including newspaper and magazine articles, Swedish tabloids, Emerson Teen      Beat, 1980-88. (Box 60)

Nobel Correspondence;

[Nobel] Momentos, 1980. (Box 60)

Nobel Foundation - Reflections;

[Nobel] Letters;

[Nobel] Lectures;

[Nobel] Program;

[Nominations] Bernard Amos, 1980-81. Correspondence with Federation of American Societies        for Experimental Biology, Edward Boyse, National Academy of Sciences, Eugene Day. 

Nominations - A.A.S.; Correspondence with E. Boyse, notes, papers, 1981.

Nominations - F.A.S.E.B.; Correspondence, 1981.

Nominations - Miscellaneous;  notes and Correspondence:

            William Woodward re Liane Russell & Fermi award,1986.

            Julius Stone, American Dermatalogic Society, 1985.

            American Philosophical Society, 1982.

            General Motors, re Leroy Stevens.

            Roche Institute of Molecular Biology, 1982.

            Gairdner Foundation, 1977, 1981.

            Richard Lounsberry Award in Biology & Medicne, 1978.

            Wolf Foundation, 1978.

            National Science Foundation, 1979.

            List of Nobel recipients, 1901-80; and news releases.

Nominations - NA, AAAS, APS; 1993-94.

            Papers, correspondence with L. Mobraaten.

[The following two folders were found with the H-2 files, but were moved to aid alphabetization.]

Non H-2; Linkage chart, 1980; tables and charts (Roderick, 1978; McKenzie, 1973; Joy Palm,         1971; Amos, 1956.)       

Non H-2   Ly-loci; Correspondence, 1975.

            Tadao Aoki, NIH (with chart)

            Edward A. Boyse, Sloan Ketering (with data)

            H. Festenstein, U. of London, UK

Notes - Miscellaneous; Notes from college, organized by concept or name of scientist, [1924?]

Politics; Clippings, brochures, campaign material, one letter from John Baldacci, 1995-96.

[Politics] Candidates; Notes, clippings, brochures, 1994.

[Politics] Candidates - Presidential, Congress; Clippings, brochures, 1991-94.

[Politics] Nov. Election, 1995-96; Campaign brochures, poster, clippings, Nobel Prize nomination     papers, 1996.

[See also “Washington” in the Correspondence Files.]

Population-papers, 1995. Printed material.

Portraits; 35 photocopies of famous scientists.

Probability [1]; Notes, 16pps; “In the Defence of the Frequency of Probability.” by GDS, n.d.

Probability [2]; Notes, 2pps, and clippings. n.d.

Probability - Bayes [3]; Notes on Bayes, Broad, Cohen and Nagel, DeMorgan, Fisher, Hamilton,      Jevons, Keynes, Mace, MacKaye (38pps manuscript on “Probability” and 35pps    manuscript on    “Induction”), Mills, Stebbing.

Probability - Seminar; Notes and charts, 23pps., 1930s?

Radiation Theory; Clippings, 1930. (Box 60)

[Snell, G.D.] Biographical [1]; Correspondence, reprints, notes, A.C.S. application, 1955-1994.

            International Academy of Science; correspondence, 1989.

            Sharon Martin, U. of Central Oklahoma; correspondence, 1994.

            Who’s Who, 1995.

            William Castle biography by GDS, reprint.

            Life, 1981.

            Academie Des Sciences; correspondence, in French, 1981.

            “A Geneticist’s Recollection of Early Transplantation Studies”; reprint, 1990.

            Gardens for All, Vol. 4, No.6; photocopy, 1981.

            “American Immunogeneticist” McGraw-Hill. 1978.

            Jaroslav Malina, Czechoslovakia, correspondence, 1983-84.

            National Library of Medicine, correspondence.

            Dana Baney, correspondence, 1988. [5pp. handwritten note to 7th grader.]

            “Dr. George D. Snell” by Michael Roopenian, 1991.

            American Cancer Society; 4pp. application with A. Kandutsch, 1955.

            several hand-written and typed biographical statements

[Snell, G.D.] Biographical; Clippings, magazines,........1973-81.

[Snell, G.D.] G.S.; Correspondence, clippings, brochures, certificates, newsletters, 1967-81.

            Bentley Glass, Ray Owen et al, Keith Porter, S.C. Niklas,Curt Richter, James Ebert,

            A. Coons, Ed Tatum, Phil ?[Harvard], Bob Irwin, Curt Stern, Will [Silvers], C.W. Metz, S.

Warner?, Fred Stone, Edmund Muskie, Sheldon Reed, B. Amos, C.M. McKenna, D. Wolfle,

J.P. Scott, Leonard Carmichael, Bob Huebner, L.C. Dunn, Frank ?[Yeshiva U.], Hans

            Gruneberg, B.F. Hill, Ben Ginsburg, Merle Tuve, S.J. Parker, Tobor Borsos, M.J. Garber, Larry

Leavitt, Dick Hiesband, Peggy Barrett, J.B. Burnett

            Dedication of Congress [Transplantation Soc.] to G.D. Snell, by R.E. Bellingham, 1973.

[Snell, G.D.] G.S. Clippings; Booklets, newsletters, programs, interviews, news releases, mice        price list, reprints; invitations and awards, [dates] [See also, Box 60.]

            H.C. Morse, The Bussey Institute and the Early Days of Mammalian Genetics,[date]

            Correspondence : Insitut de France, 1978; Mihai Serban, Insitut de Higiena, Romania,         1962.(both in French)

[Snell, G.D.] G.S. Research-Clippings; Clippings, correspondence, progress reports, 1964-68.

            Correspondence with/from Peter Demant, Edmund Muskie, Earl Green, A.C. Wallace;

            reports to N.C.I., 1968-69; draft of research project (2).

[Snell, G.D.] G.S. Clippings; Correspondence from Institut de France, 1978 and Instituit de Hygiena, Romania, 1962 (both in French); Booklets, programs, interviews, news     releases, lists, reprints (H.C. Morse, “The Bussey Institute and the early Days of          Mammalian Genetics.”), invitations, awards, mice price list.

[Snell, G.D.] G.S. Research - Clippings, etc.;  Correspondence with Earl Green, Peter Demant,       A.C. Wallace;    telegram from Sen. Muskie; Progress reports to NCI, 1968, 1969; Copy of    reseach project draft, n.d.

[Snell, Rhoda] Biographical - Rhoda [Mrs. George D. Snell]

[Staats] Joan Staats Retirement; 1984.

            Correspondence with Mary Lyon, Earl Green, J. Peters; memoranda from Margaret Green; notes and receipts; Globin Nomenclature Meeting material.

Transplantation - History; Correspondence with P. Medawar, Edi [Michael Edidin], Jan Klein; notes

and papers, 1977.

Transplantation - Recollections, 1990; Notecards, 8pp. manuscript with annotations and hand-         written bibliography.

Transplantation Society; Papers, memoranda, minutes, by-laws, 1966-76.

Transplantation Society - British; Papers, 1972.

Transplantation - Recollection; Notes, manuscript with annotations, 1990.

Travel - Plans and Dates; Correspondence with Dausset; notes and lists of travels and meetings      from 1938-88; Rhoda Snell notes.

Wolf Foundation; Brochures, correspondence with Y. Gruder, 1980-81.


SERIES III. MANUSCRIPTS AND NOTES [incomplete archivist notes]

Identification of manuscripts within the subject files is not yet complete, but included and marked with an asterisk on this list.


Ethics For Our Age, 2nd copy of manuscript, 5 folders, 736pp.

            (1) p.1-p.125; (2) p.126-p.387; (3) p.388-p.541; (4) p.542-p.637; (5) p.638-p.736.

Ethics Transcript, original manuscript, 736pp.,  (5 folders), 1968?

            (1) p.1-p.177; (2) p.178-p.334; (3) p.335-p.493; (4) p.494-p.658; (5) p.659-p.736.     

Gardening Journal, 1944-89. (Box 60)

Invertebrate Zoology, 1927.

            71pp. notebook with illustrations in pencil and ink.

Lectures; 1968-82.

            Notes, clippings, papers.

Lectures - Genetics Course; 1969-81.

            Notes, charts, bibliographies.

Lectures - High School; ------------------

Lectures - Summer 1968-69.

Notebook; Hand-written manuscript,  “Masters in the Techniques of the Totalitarian Power   Struggle” 121pps, n.d.

Notebook; Hand-written notes, “Material on Lab History”, n.d.(~1978?)

Probability [1]; Notes, 16pps; “In the Defence of the Frequency of Probability.” by GDS, n.d.

Thesis for Doctor of Science in Applied Biology: “Observations on Three Unit Characters of the         House Mouse, Short-Ear, Hairless, and Naked, with Special Reference to Linkage”, 1930.

Transplantation - Recollection; Notes, manuscript with annotations, 1990.

Untitled manuscript, hand-written, 150pp., n.d.



Manuscripts given by typist Pat Cherry in June 2000: (Not part of this collection. See Box 25.)

The Biography of a Gay by his father, George Snell, 6pp., 1994.

Jeruselem, 2pp, n.d.

Meeting Rhoda, 3pp., n.d.

Question and answer about art, 1p.,1980.

Letter to Chinese Ambassador, 1p



Uncounted, unnumbered note cards. ( several thousand)



The data books and breeding records of Dr Snell were found in offices and warehouses of The Jackson Laboratory in 1998.

            Plan Book

            Plan Book 2

            Plan Book HPB

            XH-3, XH-4

            XMWT  TDA

            F  H-X (10)-

            H-2l (13)



            Records (by M. Cherry, 1965-66.)

Found 5/26/2000 in a file cabinet in the Shavings Warehouse:

            #1 - #10: L. IR, CR Lines,1950-1974 (10)

                        #1 1950-57 “L line”                                 #6 Inbred IR Lines, 1963-64

                        #2 Inbred IR lines, 1957-59                      #7 Inbred CR Lines, 1964-66

                        #3 Inbred IR Lines, 1959-61                     #8 Inbred CR Lines, 1967-68

                        #4 Inbred IR Lines, 1961-62                     #9 Inbred CR Lines, 1968-70

                        #5 Inbred IR Lines, 1963-64                     #10 CR, 1970-74

            FC1 – FC3, Frank Cunningham Ledgers, 1964-1971 (3)

            Inbred Stocks, Frank Cunningham Ledger, 1952-1963 (1)

            L Cross ledger, Robert Follet 1930, 1930-1956 (1)

            Tumor & Tissue Ledger – Snell, 1948-1967 (1)

The following data records are part of The Genetic Resources Strain Record Archive:

            Geroge [sic] Snell Pedigree Notebooks I-XII (one box)

            Geroge [sic] Snell Pedigree Notebooks XII-XX (one box)

            Geroge [sic] Snell Pedigree Notebooks XXI-XXIX (one box)

            Snell-Cherry Congenic Lines (3 boxes)

            Snell/Cherry Congenic Lines AKR.L / L.AKR (2 boxes












Includes reprints, photocopies, and typeset articles, including unpublished articles and speeches, as found.

Reprints; 1967-72.

Reprints; 1973-74.

Reprints; 1975-79.

Reprints; 1980-93.

Reprints, others. (12); 1966-1991.



Dr. Snell kept several filing cabinets of family papers, and Mrs. Snell kept some of her own correspondence files. The Series VI arrangement follows Dr. Snell’s labeling, with The Rhoda Carson Snell Papers (1910-1994), separately identified.

Correspondence Files: (not yet processed, approximately 4 boxes)


            Business Records: 24 folders.

            Estate Records: 16 folders.

            Medical Records: 17 folders.

            Property Records (Real and Personal): 17 folders.

            Snell Accoustics Records: 7 folders.

            Tax Records: 13 folders.

            Other Records: Birth certificates, passports, garden records, sevices and ceremonies.

Personal Memorabilia:

            Snell, Peter; “History of Roscoe B. Jackson Memorial Laboratory”, n.d. (high school                                    paper)

            Snell, Rhoda; Personal: Sketches, 1920 (signed) & n.d.



Not a complete collection of the awards and medals which Dr. Snell received during his lifetime According to Tom Snell, his son, several medals were stolen. This is a list of those in the collection, including awards given to Rhoda Snell.

Diplomas & Awards : Located in 0versize Box #3:

            American Academy of Arts and Sciences, 1952

            American Academy of Sciences, 1952

            American Association for Advancement of Science, 1970

            American Medical Association, 1955

            American Philosophical Society, 1982

            Bertner Foundation, 1962

            Dartmouth College, 1974

            Gairdner Foundation, 1976

            Harvard University, 1928, 1930

            National Academy of Sciences, 1970

            U. S. Government, Health , Education & Welfare Department, Public Health Service, n.d.

            Wolf Foundation, 1978


[Chronological; arranged by organization: name of the medal, physical form, date of award.]

            Phi Beta Kappa: key, 1932.

            American Academy of of Arts and Sciences: certificate, 1952.

            Animal Care Panel: Charles A. Griffen Award, 1962.

                        “For outstanding accomplishments in the Improvement of the Care and Quality of                            Animals used in Biologic and Medical Research.”

            The Bertner Foundation Award: 1962.

                        “For Outstanding Achievement In the Field of Cancer Research.”

            American Dental Association: Esayist Award, plaque, 1965.

            Czechoslovak Academy of Sciences: Gregor Mendal Award, medal and certificate, 1967.

                        “Za Zasuhy O Rozvo Biologickyched Cba Ceskoslovenska Akademie”

            National Academy of Sciences Award: certificate, 1970.

            First International Congress of Immunology: Paul Erlich Award, 1971.

            C.R.I.  N.I.A.I.D.  N.C.I.: medal, 1978.

                        “For Pioneering the Development of Inbred Mouse Strains”

            Instituit de France: medal, 1978.

            The Wolf Insitute: The Wolf Prize in Medicine, tie pin, 1978.

            Swedish Academy of Sciences: The Nobel Prize for Physiology or Medicine, medallion                               and certificate, 1980.

            The Field Museum of Science & Industry: Nobel Hall of Science Award, 1980.

            American Academy of Achievement: Golden Plate Award, ceramic plate and                                                          commemoration books (2), 1981.

            Ohio State University College of Medicine: 1984.

“In Celebration of 150 Years of Progress - Medical Education, Research and Patient                        Care.”

            National Library of Medicine: Sesquicentennial Commemorative Award, 1986.

                        “Service to Mankind - Honor to America”

            Dartmouth College: Presidential Medal for Outstanding Leadership and Achievement,                                  1991.


                        YMCA: Trustees Award, n.d. “For 20 Years Service as Director & Trustee”


Awards to Rhoda Snell:

Royal Academy of Music, 1924, 1928, n.d., to Rhoda Carson



Removed from the collection and located in the archives storage room.


Description:                                                                   Number / Type:  BRS database #

Mouse embryos, histology, mice, illustrations.                 150 / b/w                       2365L

Personal photos, lab groups, passports, and                    40 items.                       2345L

            formal portraits.                                     

            (photographs, slides, negatives)

Portrait by Evelyn Hofer (15”x18”) used by                        0ne/ b/w                        2044n

            John Cole in “Portrait: George D. Snell,    (with neg.)                     Portrait is placed on

            The Maine Hunter in the White Coat”                                                       the north wall of Snell

                                                                                                                        cafeteria, SBRL.


“Prize Ceremony” Nobel prize wards ceremony, Swedish television, 1980.

“Science and Man” Round table discussion among the Nobel prize recipients, 1980.


Box Inventory:

Box 25: F1-F14: Public Relations information, 1962-96; Reprints, 1956-93; Speeches and                            papers; “The Immunology of Tissue Transplantation” 26pp. manuscript, 1962;                                         Interviews, 1977-84; Clippings and papers; Tributes & obituaries.

Box 55.1: Correspondence Files; Academic Press - Klein, Jan.    

Box 55.2: Correspondence Files; Lengerova, A. - Reif, A.

Box 55.3: Correspondence Files; Rosenfield - Subject Files; A to Grants

Box 55.4: Subject Files; Growth to Mouse Chromosome Map

Box 55.5: Subject Files; National Academy of Science to Wolf Foundation

Box 55.6: Manuscripts: “Ethic For Our Age”, 2 copies, 1968; “Our Earth Is Special” (unpublished), with several rewrites, 1994; untitled mss., n.d.

Box 55.7: Manuscripts: Revisions of manuscripts (39 folders)

Box 55.8: Professional Business Records (24 folders); Reprint Collection (7 folders); Miscellaneous (politics, songs & poems - 4 folders)

Box 55.9: Personal Business Records: bank accounts, legal, investments (25 folders); trusts and estates (17 folders); medical records (14 folders)

Box 55.10: Personal Records: Household records (17 folders); Snell Acoustics (24 folders); Income Tax records (12 folders)

Box 55.11: Personal correspondence.

Box 55.12: Personal correspondence, family.

Box 55.13: Personal correspondence, family.

Box 55.14: Rhoda Snell papers and correspondence.

Box 55.15: Legal-sized folders, filed out of regular sequence; memorabilia & miscellaneous. (Including Dr. Snell’s gardening journal.)

Box 55.16: Awards and medals. (Located in the library storage room.)


Boxes of Dr. Snell’s research and pedigree ledgers are not numbered, and may become part of a separate collection being organized by Muriel Davisson.


Note: CBE Style Manual, Fifth revised edition, 1983, used as standard reference. (Alphabetizing by letter, not word.)