Leonell C. Strong Papers

                        LEONELL C. STRONG PAPERS


Title: Stanley J. Mann Collection of Leonell Clarence Strong Papers.

Originator: Leonell C. Strong. (Received from Stanley Mann on 9/6/96, a student of Leonell C. Strong at Roswell Park .) Reprint received from Tom Roderick, 1999.

Dates: 1920-1962.

Accession Number & Location: 96.005.Strong; Manuscript Box 12, Oversize Box 3, Rare Book Collection in storage room, and photograph collection.

Arrangement: Separated by type and size of material, chronological when appropriate.

Biography: (Incomplete) Strong was a student of C. C. Little while doing graduate work at Columbia University at Cold Spring Harbor, as well as at the University of Michigan. He was the first scientist to join Little in the new venture of The Roscoe B. Jackson Memorial  Laboratory in Bar Harbor in 1930, bringing with him his C3H mouse breeding stock. In 1933 he moved on to Yale, and then to Roswell Park.

Scope and Content: The breeding records of some of the very first foundation stocks of genetic research, including C3H, a strain highly susceptible to mammary tumors. The published report on experiments involving the crosses and hybrid offspring of this stock “lay the groundwork for a new dimension in cancer research in the decades to come.” (Holstein, The First Fifty Years At The Jackson Laboratory, 1979, p. 17.)  See the Holstein papers (Box 36, F.4) for Leonell C. Strong, “A Baconian in Cancer Research: Autobiographical Essay”, 1976; and Leonell C. Strong, “The Origin of Behavior”, 1951.


Box 12: Ledgers and Breeding Records.

            F2            “Ledger I. dBr - Albino, 1920 -  , 1 to 16,000.”

                        Cross # one (12/8/20) to # 16,000 (3/23/28)          

            F3            “Ledger II. 16,000 to 31,999.”

                        # 16,00 (3/12/28) to # 31,999 (4/23/29)

                        With redone pages for #20201-20271, and #19510-19609 located at the                                back of the ledger.

            F4            “Ledger III. 32,000 to          “

                        32,000(4/3/29) to 47,072 (8/9/29)

            F5            Breeding records, 1930-1947. 32 Notecards, 10/30/31 to 1944? ; “Strain                           A2 Summary sheets of 1st litters, Main pedigree cards, F37-F69.”

F5b       “Mouse number 46801” (reprint from Lav. Anat. Pat. Perugia, Vol.XXII (1962). Dedicated to the memory of Dr. John Bittner, M.D.

Oversize 3:

            Mounted photograph (L.C. Strong and his two children), caption, and chart, 1928.                   Diagram of original crosses between A and D mice. 15” x 18”

            Chart; The world-wide distribution of C3H mouse, 18” x 24”, 1920  to 1953.

Book Collection:

            Cockayne, E.A. Inherited Abnormalities of the Skin and Its Appendages. London:                         Oxford University Press, 1933.

            Gruneberg, Hans. The Genetics of the Mouse. The Hague: Martinus Nijhoff,                          1952. (Also published as volume XV of Bibliographia Genetica. Second                                     Edition.)

            Snell, G.D., editor. Biology of the Laboratory Mouse. Philadelphia: The Blakeston               Company, 1941. (Signed by seven of the authors.)


            Leonell C. Strong portrait, 10” x 12” signed “To Stanley Mann with regards                               Leonell C. Strong” n.d.

            6 small (2” x 3”) photographs;

                        The front door of the original laboratory building, 1929.

                        The original laboratory building, 1929.

                        Woods around the original site for the laboratory, 1929.

                        Summer researchers and students, 1935.

                        Staff scientists, 1935