Charity Waymouth Papers

                                    CHARITY WAYMOUTH PAPERS (1915 -     )


Title:   Charity Waymouth Papers.

Donor: The Rev. Malcolm Hughes, executor for Charity Waymouth.

Dates: 1931-1994.

Accession Number & Location: 97.024; Six box cartons # 68.1 – 68.6; 8 linear ft.

Arrangement: Series imposed by archivist because the papers arrived somewhat jumbled. Folders remain substantially intact and as found, but reprint duplicates were weeded.

            Series I.            Scientific papers, manuscripts and correspondence.

            Series II.             Administrative papers and correspondence.

            Series III.         Reprint collection, student research papers, and books.

            Series IV.        Slides, specimens in paraffin, and data ledgers.

            Series V.         Audio tapes from Tissue Culture Association meetings, 1956, 1963.

Media bottles designed by Charity Waymouth (donated by Jane Barker) have been placed in the Staats Library display cabinet; photographs were removed to the Photograph Collection, #2428. Student papers were removed to the Student Papers Collection in the Staats Library, but a list of the titles is included in Series III.; and three books on tissue culture were placed in the Staats Library.

Biography: Born in England in 1915, and educated in England and Scotland, earning a PhD from the University of Aberdeen in 1944, Charity Waymouth came to the United States in 1952 as a one-year exchange fellow to work with Dr. Philip White  at The Roscoe B. Jackson Memorial Laboratory under a joint American Cancer Society and British Empire Cancer Campaign grant. She remained at The Jackson Laboratory until her retirement as a Senior Staff Scientist in 1981, having served as Director of Research, Director of Training, and Interim Director while maintaining her on-going scientific research in the field of tissue culture. Dr. Waymouth’s research interests included the biochemistry of normal and malignant growth, cell metabolism, and cell nutrition in chemically defined media.  She was active in several scientific societies including the Tissue Culture Association which she founded, and served as President in 1960-62. She authored more than fifty scientific papers as well as chapters in the Encyclopedia Britannica and other publications. Charity Waymouth was an active churchwoman, serving on the Executive Council of the Episcopal Church, as well as in other local, state and national church offices. Bowdoin College awarded her an honorary Doctor of Science in 1982.

Scope and Content: The collection probably does not represent what Charity Waymouth might have selected as her collected papers if she had been of sound mind when she left her home in Bar Harbor for a custodial home in England in 1996. She had placed her personal reprints and a 1954 speech on the history of The Jackson Laboratory into a specially labeled box, but the other material was chosen by the executor of her estate. The material includes some limited correspondence, papers from the  50th anniversary celebration of TJL in 1979, tissue samples, speeches and reprints, scientific data notebooks, and three books on tissue culture.


1938:   “An X-ray examination of mordenite (ptilolite)” C. Waymouth, P.C. Thornely and W.H.                                 Taylor; Mineralogical Magazine, Vol. 163, 1938.

1942:   “The Effect of certain Substances on the growth of Tissues in vitro J.N. Davidson and                         Charity Waymouth; Proceedings of the Biochemical Society, March 1942.

1943:   “A Factor in pancreatin which influences the growth of tissues in vitro” J.N. Davidson and C. Waymouth; Journal of Physiology, Vol. 102, 1943.

            “Factors Influencing the Nucleoprotein Content of Fibroblasts growing in vitro” J.N.                                 Davidson and Charity Waymouth; The Biochemical Journal, Vol. 37, 1943.

            “Ribonucleic Acids in Animal Tissues” J.N. Davidson and Charity Waymouth; Nature,                                    Vol. 152, 1943.

1944:   “Factors in pancreatin which influence the nucleoprotein content of fibroblasts growing in vitro” J.N. Davidson and C. Waymouth; Quarterly Journal of Experimental Physiology, Vol. 33, 1944.

            “The Histochemical Demonstration of Ribonucleic Acid in Mammalian Liver” J.N.                                            Davidson and C. Waymouth; Proceedings of the Royal Society of Edinburgh, Vol.                              LXII, 1944.

            “Liver Ribonuleic Acid” J.N. Davidson, C. Waymouth; Science, Vol. 154, 1944.

            “The Nulceic Acid and Nucleotide Content of Tumours” J.N. Davidson and C. Waymouth;                         The British Journal of Experimental Pathology, Vol.XXV, 1944.

            “Tissue Nucleic Acids: 1. Ribonucleic Acids and Nucleotides in Embryonic and Adult                                 Tissue” J.N. Davidson and Charity Waymouth; The Biochemical Journal, Vol. 38,


            “Tissue Nucleic Acids: 2. The Isolation and properties of Lliver Ribonucleic Acid” J.N.                                 Davidson and Charity Waymouth; The Biochemical Journal, Vol. 38, 1944.

            “Tissue Nucleic Acids: 3. The Nucleic Acid and Nucleotide Content of Liver Tissue”

                        J.N. Davidson and Charity Waymouth; The Biochemical Journal, Vol. 38, 1944.

1945:            “Nucleic Acids and Tissue Growth” J.N. Davidson and C. Waymouth; Nutrition Abstracts                                 and Reviews, Vol. 14, 1944-45.

            “The Nucleoprotein Content of Fibroblasts Growing in vitro: The Effect of Tissue                                                 Extracts” J.N. Davidson and Charity             Waymouth; The Biochemical Journal,                                   Vol.39, 1945.

            “A Simplified Plasma Coagulum for Tissue Cultures” C. Waymouth and J.N. Davidson;                                Proceedings of the Biochemical Society, March 1945.

1946:   “The Nucleic Acid Content of Fibroblasts growing in vitro” J.N. Davidson, I. Leslie, and                               C. Waymouth; paper, n.d. (c.1946)

            “The Nucleoprotein Content of Fibroblasts Growing in vitro: The Use of Defatted Media”                                     J.N. Davidson and Charity Waymouth; The Biochemical Journal, Vol. 40, 1946.

            “The Nucleoprotein Content of Fibroblasts in Tissue Culture” J.N. Davidson , I. Leslie,                          and C. Waymouth; paper, n.d. (c. 1946)

            “The Nucleoproteins of the Liver Cell Demonstrated by Ultra-Violet Microscopy” J.N.                              Davidson and Charity Waymouth; The Journal of Physiology, Vol. 105, 1946.

            “Some Observations on the Composition of Defatted Fowl Plasma” C. Waymouth and                              J.N. Davidson; 1946.

            “The Synthesis of Nucleoprotein by Fibroblasts in vitro” J.N. Davidson and C.                                            Waymouth; paper, n.d. (c. 1946)

1947:            “Proteins with Growth-Promoting Action on Tissue Cells in vitro “ Charity Waymouth;                             Proceedings of the Society for Experimental Biology and Medicine, Vol. 64, 1947

1948:   “An improved method of preparing fixed and stained whole mounts of tissue cultures                                   grown in plasma coagula” Annabelle Cohen and Charity Waymouth; Proceedings                            of the Physiological Society, Vol. 108, 1948.

            “A New Histological procedure for Whole Tissue Cultures Grown in Plasma” Annabelle                                Cohen and Charity Waymouth; Science, Vol. 108, 1948.

1949:            “Methods of Estimating the Growth of Tissue Cultures” Charity Waymouth; Proceedings                            of the 6th International Congress of Experimental Cytology, 1949.

            “The Nucleoprotein Content of Fibroblasts Growing in vitro “ J.N. Davidson, I. Leslie,                          and Charity Waymouth; The Biochemical Journal, Vol.44, 1949.

1950:            “Tissue Culture Media: Analytic and Supplementation Methods” Charity Waymouth; ?.

            “Tissue Culture Media: Measurement of Growth by Nucleic Acid Determinations” Charity                                Waymouth; ? , 1950.

1953:            “Observations on Intracellular Leucocytes in Tissue Culture of a Rat Tumour” P.C. Koller                           and Charity Waymouth; Journal of the Royal Microscopic Society, Vol. LXXII,                           1953.

            “Some Effects of Inorganic Phosphate and Bicarbonste on Cell Survival and                                        Proliferation in Chemically Defined Nutient Media” Charity Waymouth; The                              Biochemical Society, 1953.

1954:            “Chemically Defined Nutrients for Tissue Culture for Pharmacological Studies” Philip R.                                   White and Charity Waymouth; Annals of The New York Academy of Sciences,                                Vol. 58, 1954.

            “Filtration of Embryo Extract for Tissue Culture” Charity Waymouth and Philip R. White;                          Science, Vol. 119, 1954.

1956:            “Nutrition and Metabolism of Animal Tissue Cultures” Charity Waymouth; paper at                                   Woodstock, 1956.

            “A Rapid Quantitative Hematocrit Method for Measuring Increase in Cell Population of                           Strain L (Earle) Cells Cultivated in serum0Free Nutrient Solutions” Charity                                                 Waymouth, Journal of the National Cancer Institute, 1956.

1957:            “Nutrition and Metabolism of Animal tissue Cultures” Charity Waymouth, Journal of the                         National Cancer Institute, 1957.

1959:   “Rapid Proliferation of Sublines of NCTC Clone 929 (Strain L) Mouse Cells in a Simple                                  Chemically Defined Medium (MB 752/l)” Charity Waymouth; Journal of the                         National Cancer Institute, 1959.

1964:             “Glucose Metabolism by Mouse Cells (NCTC Clone 929) Under Conditions of Defined                                    Nutrition” P.A.Kitos and C.Waymouth; Experimental Cell Research Vol.35, 1964.

1965:   “Cell, Tissue, and Organ Culture” Charity Waymouth; Biology of the Laboratory Mouse,                                    2nd edition, 1966   

            “The Cultivation of Cells in Chemicaly Defined Media and the Malignant Transformation of                  Cells In Vitro” Charity Waymouth; Tissue Culture, 1965. (2 copies, one with side                                  notes.)

            “Differentiation in vitro of Embryonic Cartilage and Bone in a Chemically-Defined                                                Medium” L.Witington Gorham and Charity Waymouth; Proceedings of the Society                         for Experimental Biology and Medicine, v119, 1965.

            “A Reversible Morphological Change in Mouse Cells (Strain L, Clone NCTC 929) Under                              the Influence of Insulin” Charity Waymouth and David E. Reed; Texas Reports on                              Biology and Medicine, Vol.23, 1965.

1966:   “The Metabolism of L-Glutamate and L-5-Carboxypyrrolidone by Mouse Cells (NCTC                                     Clone 929) under Conditions of defined Nutrition” Paul A. Kitos and Charity                                     Waymouth; Journal of Cellular Physiology, 1966.

            “Somatic Cells In Vitro : The Relationship to Progenitive Cells and to Artificial Milieux”                                    Charity Waymouth; National Cancer Institute Monograph No. 26, 1966.

1967:            “Proposed Usage of Animal Tissue Culture terms” S.Federov, Chairman; Journal of the                         National Cancer Institute, vol.38, 1967.

            “Tissue Culture, Animal” Charity Waymouth; segment in unknown textbook, 1967.

1972:             “Construction of Tissue Culture Media” Charity Waymouth; Growth, Nutrition and                            Metabolism in Cells in Culture, Vol. 1, 1972.

1973:            “Determination and Survey of Osmolality in Culture Media” Charity Waymouth; Tissue                                     Culture, 1973.

            “Erythrocyte Sodium and Potassium Levels in Normal and Anemic Mice” Charity                                                 Waymouth; Comparative Biochem. & Physiol., Vol. 44, 1973.        

1974:            “Induction of Hepatocarcinoma in Vivo  with Fetal Mouse Liver Cells Spontaneously                                     Transformed in Culture and Isolation of a Type C RNA Virus from the Carcinoma                              Cells” J.S. Rhim, K.D. Wuu, M.L. Vernon, H.W. Chen, H. Meier, C.                                              Waymouth, and R.J. Huebner; Cancer Research, Vol. 34, 1974.

            “Cell Culture of the Endocrine Pancreas of the Mouse in Chemically Defined Media”                                     E.H. Leiter, D.L. Coleman, and Charity Waymouth; In Vitro, Vol.9, 1974.

            “Inhibition of Cell Growth by Oxygenated Derivatives of Cholesterol” Harry W. Chen,                          Andrew A. Kandutusch, and Charity Waymouth; Nature, Vol. 251, 1974.

            ““Feeding the Baby” - Designing the Culture Milieu to Enhance Cell Stability” Charity                                     Waymouth, Journal of the National Cancer Institute, Vol. 53, 1974.

            “Tissue Culture” Charity Waymouth; Encyclopaedia Britannica, 1974.

1976:            “Simple Freezing Procedure for Storage in Serum-Free Media of Cultured and Tumor Cells                of Mouse” Charity Waymouth and Don S. Varnum; Tissue Culture Association,                            1976.

            “Intradermal Transplantation in Mice of Small Numbers of Sarcoma Cells Followed by                                Tumor Growth and Regression” Wolcott B. Dunham and Charity Waymouth;                             Cancer Research, Vol. 36, 1976.

            “Culture of Cells in Beem Capsules: A New Technique for Electron Microscopic Study of                                   Monolayer Cultures” John J. Eppig, Edward H. Leiter, and Charity Waymouth; In                         Vitro, Vol. 12, 1976.

1977:   Review of Growth, Nutrition and Metabolism of Cells in Culture, Vol. III by George H.                           Rothblat and Vincent J. Cristafalo; Academic Press, 1977.

1982:   “Mouse Prostatic Epithelial Cells in Defined Culture Media” C.Waymouth, P.F. Ward and                                     S.L. Blake; Cold Spring Harbor Conferences on Cell Proliferation, Vol.9, 1982.    

1984:            “Preparation and Use of Serum-Free Culture Media” page proofs for Vol.1 of Culture                                    Methods for Molecular and Cell Biology, Alan R. Liss publisher, 1984.                                       Correspondence included, 1984.


Series I. Scientific Papers, Manuscripts and Correspondence.

F1            Biography file; CV’s, biographies, Who’s Who entries, 1964-86.

F2            Waymouth bibliography (1); Reprints, 1938-46.

F3            Waymouth bibliography (2); Reprints, 1963-1984.

F4            Waymouth bibliography (3); Manuscripts, “The First Twenty-five Years of The Jackson             Laboratory” (6pp), 1945-56.

F5            Manuscripts, Notes & reprints, 1950-1977.

            “Studies of Chemically Defined Media & the Nutrtional Requirements of Cultures of             Epithethial Cells”  23pp, with tables, n.d., Japan; “Design of culture media for growth of             primary cultures” Lake Placid, 1976.; Reference bibliography, 2pp.; “Osmolality”             Saskatoon, 1977.; 12pp. lecture outline, 1977.; “A new type of hexagonal roller tube for             growing multiple tissue culture” 1950; “Tissue culture media” White & Waymouth, 1953.

F6            Speeches and Manuscripts, 1968-83.

            “Design of culture media for growth of primary culture” 5pp. notes; “What is isotonic?”             3pp.; Workshop on cell separation, Lake Placid, 1975, 9pp.; Cell Biology, 2pp.; “Major             ions, buffer systems, pH, osmolality and water quality” old draft, 19pp.; “Neuronothropic             factors” outline, 7pp, n.d.; “Cell Differentiation”, July 1983; 4pp. notes; “Cytocrit for             measuring all volume of cultured animal cells” 7pp., [photograph removed]; Report on             work of Clareman Bunker & C.W., 1969, on effects of ascorbic acid and oxygen on             development of mouse fetal limb rudiments in organ culture in chemically defined media”             10pp. with charts.; “Effects of media of raised osmolatives on mouse fetal liver cultures”             Detroit TCA meeting, 1969.

F7        Manuscripts, 1971.

            “Mouse fetal liver cells in culture”Jan. 1971; “Some Experiences with long-term liver cell             cultures” March 1971.; Mouse fetal liver cells in culture: a model for control of cellular             differentiation” Oct. 1971; “Characteristics of mouse liver parencymal cells in chemically             defined media” June 1971.

F8            Manuscripts, 1973.

            “Chemically defined media” 11pp., Saskatoon, July 1973; “The total environment of cells     in culture, 24pp. Lake Placid course, July 1973.

F9            Manuscripts, 1976.

            “Design of culture media for grwth of primary cultures” 19pp, 2 copies, Lake Placid.

F10            Manuscripts, 1977.

            “Nutritional requirements of cells in culture with special refereence to neural cells”             Saskatoon, March 1977; “Design of culture media for growth of primary cultures” Lake             Placid, Nov. 1977.

F11            Manuscripts, 1977.

            “Studies of chemically defined media and the nutritional requirements of cultures of             epithelial cells” 28pp., Japan, Sept. 1977.

F12            Manuscripts, 1977.

            “Requirements for serum-free growth of cells: composition of currently available defined             media” 1977.

F13            Manuscripts, 1977.

            “Cellular requirements for serum-free growth:composition of currently available defined             media” Lake Placid, Aug. 1977; “Major ions, buffer systems, pH, osmolality, and water             quality” Lake Placid, Aug. 1977.

F14            Manuscripts 1979-80.

            “Design of Culture Media For Growth of Primary Cultures” hershey, PA July 1980.

            “Design of Culture Media For Growth of Primary Cultures” UMO december 1979 (2             copies, separately notated)

            2 pp. tables

F15            Notebooks (2), 1931.

F16            Notebooks (2), 1946, 1953-54.

F17            Notebook, “TCA Workshop”, n.d.

F18      Notes, data, correspondence, 1966-67.

            Peter Lowy, CIT; Larry Houston, Kowles Glass Co. [design of media tubes]

F19      Notes, data, correspondence, 1974

            [as found in spiral notebook] Procedure for preparing PNL cultures;

            Corr. with Susan Cook of U. of Maine at Orono.

F20      Notes, data correspondence, 1977-81

            Bibliographies, media sheets, notes.

F21      Notes and manuscripts, 1992.

            “Media For the Growth of Cells in Vitro”

F22      [Notes] Salt Concentration; notes, n.d.

F23      [Notes] Medium Formation; data, brochure for Waymouth medium, n.d.

F24      Tissue Culture Asso. notes, papers, statistics, 1969-84.

F25      Tissue Culture Asso. papers and correspondence, 1973-89.

            Agenda, reports, programs, audits, membership lists.

F26      Tissue Culture Asso. papers and correspondence, 1983.

            Agenda, Committee on Litigation of TCA.

F27            Correspondence, 1959-94.

            E.A. Krahmer, E.H. Leiter, Nancy Bucher, S. Federoff, Maureen Young, J. Leighton,             Rolf Barth, Sharon Blake, Karen Rader, M. Pirkis, L.S. Grinstein, Dan & Linda Adkison,

            Robert Blake.

F28            Correspondence, 1965-68.

            A. Zimmerman (Abbott Labs.), Paul Kitos, L.R. Murrell, Joe Kimmel, F.E. Fahey (fly             infestation in lab), M.J. Kopec.

F29            Correspondence, 1969-78.

            Project Rescue material, Biochemical Society, Chiun T. Ling.

F30            Correspondence & papers, 1979-86.

            B.D. Burleigh, Ken Paigen, Sergey Federoff, W.G.Beamer et al, Andrew Walker, Ulrike,             Barbara Barker, R.H. Hahn, sales receipts, chemical brochures, Molecular Research ‘85.

F31            Nairobi, 1978-79.

            Correspondence with Adetokundo O. Lucas, travel arrangements.

F32            Correspondence, 1979-80.

            Daniel Burleigh.

File Cards:

Over 100 3 x 5 reference cards in a box entitled miscellaneous: “potassium, alcian blue, androgens, aneuploidy, amino acids, autoclavable media, buffers, butyrate, carbohydrate, carcinogens, cations, cell contact, cell cycle, cell fusion, cell proliferation, cell surface, cell transformation, chelators, cholesterol, choline, CSF, delipidized serum, differentiation, dispersion, diurnal variations, elastase, epithelial cells, endothelial cells, enzymes, fatty acids, FBS, freezing, gas phase, gene expression, glucose, glutamine, glutamine analogs, glutamine synthetase, glutathione, glycero phosphates, growth control, heavy metals, hitones & protamins, hormones, hormone receptors, insulin, ions, light, lipids, media, inhibitors, kidney, membrane potential, methods, miscellaneous, NGF, mycoplasms, osmotic effects, oxygen, pancreas, pH, photosensitivity, phosphate, prostsglandins, polyamines, polycations, reversion, puries & pyrimidines, selenium, salt solution, serum, sialic acid, steroid hormones, superoxides & peroxides, synehrony, temperature, tucopherol(Tfm), trace metals, valine, viability, vitamins.”


Series II. Administrative Papers and Correspondence.

F1        TJL: An Addition to the Main Lab (report), 1961.

F2        TJL: Student survey by C.C. Wimer, 1966.

F3        TJL: “Development Program” report, 1967.

F4        TJL: Report on Library-Conference Center, 1970.

F5        TJL: Report (development), n.d.

F6        TJL: Architects drawings, 1978.

F7        TJL: Anniversary ideas, 1979.

            Corr. with G. Massios (Kodak), Tibby Russell, W.L. Dupuy, stationery.

F8        TJL: Anniversary Newsletter, 1979.

F9        TJL: Anniversary general correspondence, 1979.

F10      TJL: May 4 Celebration, 1979.

            Corr. & remarks by E.L. Green, S. Petschek, Charity Waymouth.

F11      TJL: Anniversary speech by James Ebert, 1979.

F12      TJL: Anniversary clippings, 1979.

F13      TJL: Anniversary Celebration summary, correspondence & press releases, 1979.

F14      TJL: Anniversary Meeting Dinner, 1979.

            Invitations, arrangement notes, remarks (Prehn), press material (W.Cohen), guest list.

F15      TJL: 50th Anniversary Alumni Reunion, 1979.

            Remarks by Philip Handler (Pres. of NAS), & Donald Kennedy (Stanford)

F16      TJL: Anniversary Symposium, 1979.

            Correspondence and notes.

F17      TJL: Symposium, 1979.

            Corr., brochures, agenda, lists.

F18      TJL: Short Course papers, biographies of participants, 1979.

F19      TJL: Kittery Display, 1979.

F20      TJL: Clippings, 1979.

F21      TJL: Copyright of First Fifty Years, correspondence & applications.

F22      TJL: 1st Fifty Years readers comments, 1979.

            J. Crow, J Ebert, E. Russell, D. Bailey, G. Snell, Robert Little

F23      The Jackson Laboratory histories, 1975-82.

            Notes & corr. about TJL; Barbara Sanford, Jan Klein; fact sheets.

F24      TJL: BSO & Trustee minutes and financial statements, 1980-81.

F25      TJL: Speech and reports, 1980-81.

            Report of Interim Director, speech by J.A. Baldwin, Periodic Summary to trustees.

F26            Personal Papers, correspondence, 1976-94.

E. Russell (St. Saviours’ Little window), copy of G.D. Snell marriage registration, Alban Institute magazine, Amy Biggs funeral program, 10pp. notes on “clinic”, to Harold             Brown, 3pp. notes to Standing Commission on Health, to J.H.M. Yamazaki, to D.P. Johnson, to Malcolm [Hughes], to editor of Windsong Ministeries magazine.      

F27            Miscellaneous Papers, n.d.

            Note from D. Coleman, personnel list (1975?), Drosophila poem by Gay Mitnick, Nicolas             Wade on Donald Kennedy in Science, 1979.  

F28            Material found by Muriel Davisson, 1998.

            Slides and magnetic data cards (5), media bottles [in Staats Library display cabinet], list of             Rumer Godden books, 1988.

F29            Address cards.

Added to the Waymouth Collection from TJL organizational archive (5/20/2000)

F1            C. Waymouth Papers; Papers & Correspondence, 1949-69.

            F2            C. Waymouth Papers; Papers & Correspondence, 1977-80.   

            F3            C .Waymouth Papers; Papers & Correspondence, 1981.

            F4            C ,Waymouth Papers; Papers & Correspondence, 1982.

            F5            C .Waymouth Papers; Papers & Correspondence, 1983.

            F6            C. Waymouth Papers; Papers & Correspondence, 1984-86.

            F7            C. Waymouth Papers; Papers & salary reviews, 1981.

            F8            C .Waymouth Papers; papers, 1977-80.

            F9            C .Waymouth Papers; Correspondence re Patricia Chow, 1976-78.

            F10            C .Waymouth Papers; Correspondence re J.H. Hanks, 1977-79.

            F11            C. Waymouth Papers; Correspondence re J.A. Witkowski, 1979.

            F12            C. Waymouth Papers; Correspondence re A .Leibovitz, 1979.

            F13            C. Waymouth Papers; Papers, undated.

            F14            C. Waymouth Papers; Biographical information, honors, awards.

            F15            C .Waymouth Papers; Clippings, 1959.


Series III. Reprints, Student Papers and Books. (Books and student papers have been removed to the Staats Library.)

A full box of collected reprints, including Margaret Dickie’s reprint collection which Dr. Waymouth incorporated into her own. [not organized]

Student Papers:

Albright, Joseph F.; An analysis of erythropoiesis by dispersed yolk sac cells. 9pp. 1966.

Bean, William J. Jr.; The Physiological Effects of Linoleic Acid in Strain L Mouse Fibroblasts.              45pp. 1968. (M.S. thesis)

Dachtler, Sally; Aldehyde Oxidase in Cultured Liver Cells. 1p. 1974.

Dunham, Wolcutt B.; Attempts to develop an experimental model of supressed tumor cell             multiplication. 6pp. 1970.

Dunlop, W.R.; The Effects of Potassium, Sodium, and Dexamethasone on the Growth of Avian             Embryonic Liver and Kidney Cells in vitro . 4pp. (With correspondence, 1970.)

Finigan, Robert C., Marc Lappe’, Pamela D. MacMinigal; The examination of six sublines of L-strain

            tissue cultures for PPLO contamination., 11pp., 1960.

Freilicher, Frederic; The Effects of Mouse Sarcoma 37 on the growth of Embryonic Mouse Lung

            in vitro., 6pp, 1955.

Gutowski, Florence E.; Growth of NCTC Clone 929 (strain L) Mouse cells in a Glutamine-Free             System Containing Various Concentration Levels of 5-Carboxypyrrolidone and A             Photometiric Ninhydrin Assay for Glutamine loss Upon Autoclaving. 30pp. 1973.

Hamer, Dean H. and Harry W. Chen; Synthetic RNA-Directed DNA Polymerases from Mouse L             Cells. 16pp. 1972. (With Jax Notes bulletin, August 1972.)

Iknayan, Susan; A Comparison of the Effects of Twelve Commercial Peptones on the Rate of

            Proliferation of Mouse Fibroblasts in Vitro, 17pp., 1957.

Kataja, Eva; The behavior of normal and dystrophic skeletal muscle in tissue culture., 24pp. With

            photographs, 1957. [contains professional correspondence from Margaret Murray to

            Charity Waymouth, 1963.)

Lappe’ Marc (see Finigan)

Lyford, Philip;  In Vitro Study of Variations in Tissue Culture Technique and Potassium             Concentrations upon the Contractile Activity of Single Mouse Heart Cells. 18pp. 1968.             (With correspondence, initial report from Lyford, and reprint of Robert L. DeHaan,             Regulation of Spontaneous Activity and Growth of Embryonic Chick Heart Cells in Tissue             Culture; Developmental Biology 16, 216-249, 1967.)

MacMinigal, Pamela D. (see Finigan)

Marble, Nancy; Cell to Surface Attachment. Independent Study. 8pp, 1976. (With correspondence        and notes.)

Matteson, Robbin S.; Studies in Separating Hemopoietic Fetal Liver Cells by Discontinuous Ficoll             Density gradients. 23pp. 1967. 2 copies.

McCarty, Kenneth S.; Phosphororylation of Histones and Chromosomal Proteins in Relation to             the Cell Cycle. 4pp. 1972.

Miller, Mary; Studies in Separating fetal Liver Cells on Colloidal Silica and/or Dextran Gradients.             59pp, 1970. (with 2 loose sheets and product information booklet.)

Moore, Dennis Wilson; A Study of Glucose Consumption and Protein-Nitrogen Content Methods of

            Estimating Proliferation in cell Cultures., 1956?

Morgan, Ellen S.; Time Lapse Cinephotomicrography of Culture of Sarcoma-1 Cells in the             Presence of Allogenic and Isogenic Lymphocytes. 27pp. 1970.

Ottwell, Jane; A study of the rate of growth and differentiation of teratoma cells in different

            nutrients.15pp., 1958.

Shin, Hyun S.; Study of normal and dystrophic muscle in tissue culture.,17pp., 1958.

Ware, William B.; The Effects of Increased Sodium and Potassium Chloride Concentration on        Mouse Strain L Cells (NCTC 929) in Chemically Defined MD705/1C Medium. 22pp., 1969.

            (With correspondence, notes, and 42 photographs.)


Tissue Culture, E.N.Wilbur, Metheun & Co, Ltd. London, 1935.

Biology of Tissue Cells, Albert Fisher, Gyldendal, Copenhagen, 1946.

            With inscription by A. Fisher,

Cell and Tissue Culture, John Paul, Livingstone & Co., London, 1959.


Series IV. Slides, Specimens, and Ledgers.

Slides: Three specimen slides of DEH 1009, C57BL/6, 1047 days old, with Adenocarcinoma of   the prostate.

Specimen Envelops (18):  Tissue samples in paraffin, individually wrapped and marked, with key.

            ìA/J #115, 654 days, 1-4                                 ìRF/J #133, 732 days, 1-5

            îA/J #116, 654 days, 5-10.                              îRF/J #134, 732 days, 6-10.

            ìBAlb/C byJ #117, 498 days, 1-5              ìCBA/J #137, 830 days, 1-4

            îBAlb/C byJ #118, 498 days, 6-10.                   îCBA/J #138, 830 days, 5-9.

            ìCBA/J #119, 706 days, 1-4                                 ìNZB/BINJ #162, 536 days, 1-5

            îCBA/J #120, 706 days, 5-9.                                îCBA/CaJ #163, 930 days, 6-10.

            ìRF/J #121, 394 days, 1-6                                 ìCBA/CaJ #164, 297 days, 1-5

            îRF/J #122, 394 days, 7-11.                              îCBA/CaJ #165, 297 days, 6-10.

            ìRf/J #123, 93 days, 1-4                               ìC57BL/IOJ #166, 279 days, 1-4

            îRF/J #124, 93 days, 5-8.                              îC57BL/IOJ #167, 279 days, 5-8.

            ìNZB/BINJ #125, 432 days, 1-5              ìDBA/ZJ #168, 326 days, 1-4

            îZP/J #126, 97 days, 6-9.                              ïDBA/Zj #169, 326 days, 5-8

            ìHRS/J #127, 75 days, 1-4                                 îDBA/ZJ #170, 326 days, 9-12.

            îHRS/J #128, 97 days, 5-8.                                ìHRS/J #173, 261 days, 1-5

            ìC57BL/IOJ #129, 98 days, 1-4                     îHRS/J #174, 316 days, 6-9.

            îC57/IOJ #130, 98 days, 5-8.                                ìAKR/J #177, 279 days, 1-5

            ìRf/J #131, 518 days, 1-4                                 îAKR/J #178, 279 days, 6-11.

            îRF/J #132, 518 days, 5-8.                                ìCW(DB) 80-1 through 9.

10 data ledgers.


SERIES V. Audio tapes (10) from Tissue Culture Association conferences:

Tissue Culture Association Conference, Woodstock, VT, October 1956.

Tape #7 Side #1: Viruses and Other Pathological Agents in Animal Tissue Cultures: Jerome                                    Symiton, etc.

              Side #2: Pathology and Tissue Culture: Collateral Fields: Harry S.H. Greene, etc.

Tape #8 Side #1 & #2: The Future of Virus Studies in Tissue Culture: John F. Endus, etc

Tape #9 Side #1: The Study of Tumors in Tissue Cultures: Animals. Austen M. Brues, etc.

Tape #11 Side #1: The Future of Tissue Culture in Cancer Research. John H. Hanks, etc.

Plant Tisue Culture Conference, January, 1963.

[Tape 1] Lecture #1: Introduction. Definitions. “What is Tissue Culture?”

[Tape 2] Lecture #2: History. “How has the subject developed?”

[Tape 3] Lecture #3: Materials. “What tissues are suitable, what unsuitable for cultivation?”

[Tape 5] Lecture #5: Inorganic nutrition. Formulae.

[Tape 8] Lecture #8: Root and Stem tips!

[Tape 10] Lecture #10: Demonstrations of methods of isolating tissue fragments for cultivation.