Philip R. White Collection

Philip R. White (1901 - 1968) Collection



Title: Philip R. White (1901-1968) Collection

Originator: Philip Rodney White

Dates: 1938-1952.

Accession Number & Location: Photograph Collection #1332, #1333 (filed in chronological order in the Photograph Collection); Papers, Box 23.10

Arrangement: Listed under one number in the Photograph Collection; 100 images, arranged according to size and type.

Biography / History: See obituary by Charity Waymouth.(in vertical file) Publications:The Cultivation of Animal and Plant Cells, The Ronald Press, N.Y. 1954; second edition, 1963.

Scope and Content: The collection came to The Jackson Laboratory in 1996, as part of the papers of Charity Waymouth. Consisting mainly of photographs and negatives, there are also glass plates, contact prints, a postcard, and a portrait card of Dr. Gottlieb Haberlandt. Subjects of the images include: spruce tumors, histology, plant studies, nutrient studies, histograms, and scenery; also, diagrams and drawings for Sorbonne lectures, portraits of scientists ( Grobstein, Ford, Levi-Montalani, Laoforques, Harrison, Carrel, Fischer, Lewis and Lewis), and images of equipment. In the Personal Papers Collection, Box 23.10, is a speech to the United Health and Welfare Fund in 1952, in which White describes the work and scope of The Roscoe B. Jackson Laboratory; and a discussion, list, and cooking instructions for emergency use of local plant materials.


Personal Papers Collection: Box 23, Folder 10

1. Speech, 6pp., 1952.

2. “Survival problems for Mount Desert Island in case of National Disaster. Plant Food             Resources.” 5 pp., n.d.

Photograph Collection:

 #1332:1. Post card of Hulls’ Cove, Maine

            2. 61  3x5 envelopes of prints and negatives, 1951.

            (Spruce tumors, scenery, embryo chick heart, tobacco pith, histograms,                               drawings for Sorbonne lectures, pictures for “La vie et l’Homme” paper,                           plant nutrient formula, cilia & gogli, bone development figures, grape                             cultures, differentiation diagram, Franch lecture plates, monkey egg,                             Arnold’s picture of migrating leuocyte 1886, daffodil egg cell, negatives                                   from book drawings, apple chimeras, tomato root tips, Gottlieb Haberlandt,                    Ross G. Harrison, Alexis Carrel, Albert Fischer, Warren H. Lewis,                                   Margaret Lewis, “The Founders of Cell Culture 1902-1952”; Grobstein,                                 Ford, Levi-Montalami, Laoforgues.)

            3. 5  4x6 glass plate negatives, 1938-44.

                        (Crown gall tumor and callus cross-section.)           

            4. 34  4x6 envelopes of negatives and contact prints.

#1333: Portrait card of Dr. Gottlieb Haberlandt; signature cards.